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How to Start Raising Your Kids to Be Successful at a Young Age

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Successful people didn’t become that way overnight. Something led them to make certain decisions that impacted the rest of their journey toward success. Whether it’s lessons, mentors, or happenstance, success often stems from a deep desire to overcome one’s circumstances.

However, when we study the patterns of these successful people, they’re adults who have learned from difficulties they faced during their adulthood. It makes you wonder if there’s a way to raise your kids so they can start developing successful habits early on, instead of experiencing difficulties later on in life.

As parents, we want our children to be successful and resilient kids. We want to raise them to achieve great things and set them up for opportunities in ways that we weren’t. There are several things we can do to set our kids up for success in life and watch as they crush their goals.

What Does the Term “Success” Mean?

Success means a lot of different things to different people. Success may mean that your child does well in school. It may mean that your child lands their dream job or starts their own business. Whatever success means for your child will determine what steps you take to ensure their prosperity. Will you ensure that they go to the best school in your area? Will you groom their networking and socialization skills so they can score great opportunities? Will you teach them entrepreneurial skills so they can start their own business? Establishing these goals early on will help you develop a plan for your child so they can achieve success.

What Affects Success in Children?

There are several traits that affect a child’s success such as parenting, environment, and activities. For example, parents who raise their children to have the mindset of a successful person will groom their children to think like successful people. If parents give their children a lot of quality time, they are more likely to become successful because they feel loved and appreciated. Talking with your children about their hopes and dreams will enable them to pursue those dreams as they grow older. This may seem extremely simple, but setting goals and vocalizing what you want at an early age has been shown to lead to a successful life.

I saw this first hand when I supported my then 7 year old daughter’s Rainbow Rock Project to spread kindness. Now at 12 years old, she runs a successful Etsy shop painting kindness rocks! 

If your child is in an environment where it’s easy for them to engage in culture and opportunities, they will most likely grow up to be more educated and experienced. Positive parenting is also part of a thriving environment. Children do not respond well to negative parenting, as studies have shown. Children respond much better to parents who encourage them with positive affirmation and reinforcement than negative.

The opposite is true for poor environments where it’s difficult for children to overcome their circumstances, whether it’s money, status, or education. Unfortunately, being born into a particular set of circumstances may affect a child’s success in their adult years. This doesn’t mean that children cannot overcome these circumstances; however, it does mean that it will be more difficult for them than children who were bred from better circumstances. In the end, parenting your child to the best of your ability and hoping they become successful is always a feasible option.

Another factor that affects success in children is the activities they engage in. According to experts, children who engage in reading (and parents who support their kids reading) and other scholarly activities are more likely to grow up to be successful. These activities are also heavily influenced by the parents. If children witness their parents engaging in intellectual activities, they are more likely to pick up on these habits early on.

My son is very imaginative and loves to read. As a result, I helped publish his first book by capturing his words down on paper and turning it into a bound book. This further helped him actualize his potential future as a writer and author. 

How to Raise Your Kids to Be Successful

Sometimes it’s the simplest things such as spending quality time with your children and talking to them about their dreams that boost their confidence so that they can be successful. Teaching them important values such as education and goal-setting will set them up in ways that you might not have experienced. Whether your circumstances are good or not, teaching mental toughness and a successful mindset at a young age will ensure your child’s success into his or her adult years.

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