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Amazing Hack to Make Kids Taking Medicine Go From Exhausting to Exciting

Do you struggle with how to get kids to take medicine? Is it always a battle of trying to put the syringe in their mouth? I’ve got some good news; I’ve got a TikTok Medicine Hack that will make your child taking medicine go from exhausting to exciting!

I remember when I was a kid and my mom tried to give me medicine in a little cup, and I was NOT having it. Kids don’t know what’s the cup or syringe, so they fight you on it. However, this hack has gone viral and is making moms everywhere jump for joy.

The key to this trick is putting the medicine in something like an apple sauce pouch or an apple juice box to disguise the fact that you’re giving your child medicine. They’ll never know the difference! 

I want to give a special thanks to positively_paige and craftymoms for creating these hacks and making our lives easier! The video by Positively_paige has over 644k likes and the video by craftymoms has over 1.4 million likes, so I think it’s safe to say that people LOVED this hack!

@positively_paigeI didn’t realize I was doing anything special but the moms on my LIVE seemed to think this was cool so I thought I’d share! #momhack #medicinehack♬ original sound – Paige Saffold


What You’ll Need For This TikTok Medicine Hack 

  • Medicine
  • Food or drink to put it in
  • Your child


Find an apple sauce squeezy pouch, an apple juice box, or any kind of holder for the medicine. Squeeze the medicine into a squeezy pouch OR cut a small hole into the bottom of an empty apple juice box and slide the cup or medicine in. Don’t forget to place your hand on the bottom where the medicine is, so it doesn’t fall out. After you’ve squeezed the medicine into the apple sauce pouch, shake it up and knead it so that the medicine evenly distributes.

Some on Q&A on kids taking medicine:

What if my child realizes there’s medicine in the pouch/box?

If your child realizes there’s medicine in there, just tell them that you put a special flavor packet in there and that it’s meant to make it taste better.

Can I use something other than apple sauce or juice for this TikTok Medicine Hack?

Yes! Those two TikTok videos that I got the hack from uses apple sauce and juice; however, you can use any method you think will work! Yogurt could be a good one to mix up the medicine in or putting it in a smoothie!

What’s the best method in your opinion?

Honestly, anything that gets your child to take the medicine is a win, in my opinion. Children can be fickle at times, and it’s not because they are purposefully trying to be bad, they’re just scared.

Does this TikTok Medicine Hack actually work?

According to the comments, many moms said that this hack was GENIUS and something they had never thought to try before. Anything to make your kids think that they’re just eating or drinking something when it’s actually medicine to make them feel better is such a lifesaver.

Whether you’re a mom and you need this hack in your life or you’re saving it for later when you have kids, this hack will not disappoint!

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Agnes Hsu