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DIY Teacher Bracelets Are The Cutest Teacher Appreciation Gift

diy teacher bracelets

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These adorable beaded DIY Teacher Bracelets are a perfect gift to celebrate teachers. They are colorful and customizable, plus simple to make with clay beads, elastic string and cute charms. 

Creating a personalized gift can be a meaningful way to show appreciation, and what better occasion than Teacher Appreciation Week to craft something special for the special teachers in our lives?

DIY teacher bracelets are not only fun and easy to make but also offer a personal touch with your teacher’s name or a special word.

Read more below on how you can create your adorable bracelets using Heishi clay polymer beads, teacher-themed charms, and letter beads for customization.

We made a pencil-themed bracelet, a custom name bracelet, and an apple charm bracelet, but the possibilities are endless! 

DIY Teacher Bracelets

DIY Teacher Bracelets Materials: 

  • Heishi Clay Polymer Beads: These colorful beads make for a vibrant and playful bracelet. Choose colors that might represent something specific like a pencil or simply go for a color scheme that you know the teacher will love.
  • Teacher Charms: Opt for apple charms or any other school-related designs. 
  • Letter Beads: These are fun or personalizing the bracelets with the teacher’s name or inspirational words like “TEACH” or “INSPIRE”.
  • Small Gold Beads: perfect for adding an elegant touch to any bracelet or used as spacer beads
  • Elastic Cord: This will hold your beads and charms together. Make sure it’s sturdy!
  • Threading Needle (optional): Not necessary but makes it easier to pick up beads to thread
  • Sharp scissors or jewelry wire cutter: to cut your string. 
  • Bead Tray (optional): to hold your beads in place. 
  • Jewelry Box: To package your bracelet beautifully.
  • Gift Card (optional): Adding a gift card can make the gift even more special.

DIY Teacher Bracelets

DIY Teacher Bracelets

DIY Teacher Bracelets

DIY Teacher Bracelets

DIY Teacher Bracelets

How to make Teacher Bracelets

String the Beads:

  • Cut the elastic cord to the desired length, considering the wrist size of your teacher plus a little extra for tying the knot.
  • Start stringing the beads and charms according to your design. Tip: lay out your design before stringing to see how it looks.
  • Another tip is to use a threading needle which helps pick up those small beads!

Design Your Bracelets: 

  • There is no right or wrong way to do this! Here is some inspiration based on what we did.
  • Pencil Bracelet:
    • You will need yellow clay beads on both ends of the bracelet topped by a small section of gray and pink beads for the pencil tops. To separate the two pencils, add a word in between like “TEACH” and have two small gold beads at the beginning and end of the word to give it a finished look. Separate the two pencil tops with an apple charm. 
  • Apple Bracelet:
    • Choose a simple clay color like orange and alternate sections with apple charms. Add a small gold bead in between the apples to give it a finished look. 
  • Teacher Name Bracelet: 
    • Thread simple gold beads and add letter beads for your teacher’s name. We added a heart charm in between the MRS. and the first initial. 

Tie off the Bracelet: 

Once all beads are on the string, tie the ends tightly with a secure knot. A surgeon’s knot or a double knot works well for this. You can add a dab of clear jewelry glue on the knot for extra security.


  • Place the bracelet in a pretty jewelry box and add a sweet note or gift card if you’d like. 

DIY Teacher Bracelets

DIY Teacher Bracelets

DIY Teacher Bracelets

Why Bracelets for Teacher Appreciation Gift 

  • Personal Touch: Customizing the bracelet with the teacher’s name or a special word adds a personal element that shows thought and appreciation.
  • Engaging Fun: This project is great for kids to get involved in crafting, and is perfect for fin motor skills too! 
  • Versatility: These bracelets can be designed in various styles to suit any teacher’s tastes, from vibrant and playful to elegant. 

DIY Teacher Bracelets

Final Thoughts

DIY teacher bracelets are a fun and creative way for kids to make a unique and personal gift for their teachers. This project encourages creativity and shows the importance of appreciation. Perfect for Teacher Appreciation Week, the end of the school year, or any occasion, these handmade bracelets, beautifully boxed with a gift card, are a heartfelt way to thank teachers for all they do. 


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