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This Unicorn Toilet Paper Makes Potty Training Magical

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Are you frustrated trying to teach your child potty training? Have you searched endlessly on Pinterest for potty training tactics, but nothing seems to be working? Trust me, we’ve all been there. I once knew a child that refused to learn potty training until they were four! I know some parents have a hard time beyond that age. I know none of you want your child to wait THAT long to be potty trained, so let’s uncover a product that will make your lives easier!

The other day, I stumbled across this Unicorn Toilet Paper from Amazon that I thought would make the perfect potty training tool. I know how hard it is to teach a child how to potty train. Once you think they have it, they go right back to needing pull-ups again. It’s no fun having to teach potty training to a child or for your child to learn potty training. However, with a simple switch in tactic, such as using fun toilet paper, potty training can become a breeze to learn!

What Is Unicorn Toilet Paper

Unicorn Toilet Paper is gentle on the skin, extra thick, and adds a bit of magic to any potty training session! You can even use this toilet paper as a reward for a successful day of potty training! What I love about this Unicorn Toilet Paper is that the toilet paper is made from non-toxic materials and is eco-conscious! The food-grade colors on the toilet paper won’t fade when handled or sitting on display, keeping the magic alive until your child needs to use it!

Each set of toilet paper comes in a pack of 2 and is made of 3-ply soft tissue. Each set is $12.99 and can be ordered in bulk if you want to get it for a baby shower or birthday party. Each set is approximately 3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches and weighs around 12.9 ounces. I wouldn’t use this everyday because of the price, but it’s a great incentive when you’re first getting your child comfortable on the potty!

What Buyers Are Saying

Buyers are raving over this Unicorn Toilet Paper! Some of the reviews read, “My granddaughter wanted nothing to do with potty training until I bought this. Within a couple weeks she is fully potty trained!,” “Great quality product! Perfect for kids.,” and “Granddaughter loves Unicorns and sent as a gag. She adores them.” It’s safe to say that buyers love this item and that it helped the potty training process run a lot smoother! This product has 126 ratings that give the item a whopping 4.6 stars, which makes this item a valuable purchase!

Why This Unicorn Toilet Paper Makes the Perfect Potty Training Tool

This Unicorn Toilet Paper makes the perfect potty training tool because your child will think it’s super fun! If you want to brighten up your child’s bathroom, then this toilet paper is for you! This toilet paper takes the bordeom out of potty training and makes the whole process a lot more magical. Your child will adore the bright colors and cute unicorns, making potty training more of an experience than a chore. Not only does this toilet paper make the perfect potty training tool, but it also makes a great gift. Whether you are going to a child’s birthday party or giving this out as a gag gift, you can be sure that the little ones will get a kick out of this product!

Potty training shouldn’t be a chore; it should be fun! Your child needs to know that potty training is important but can also be easy if using the right tools! I know potty training can be a rough time for parents; however, I think this Unicorn Toilet Paper will make the process a lot more exciting and magical!


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