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These Hocus Pocus Doormats Will Put a Spell On You

Photo Credit: Etsy/Creative & Customized

“Oh, come on. It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus” – Max Dennison. The Disney movie Hocus Pocus is one of the most quoted and iconic children’s Halloween movies of all time. From Thackery Binx to the Black Flame Candle, this spooky movie always stirs nostalgic feelings of my childhood.

I’m a huge fan of shopping for the season which means that I shop for decor specific to each holiday (yes, I’m that girl). You can find me at any Target or on Etsy to find some of the most unique, yet adorable decorations for fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, you name it!

If there’s one decoration I love that really makes a statement, it’s a doormat. You can find some of the most hilarious, artsy, and aesthetic sayings on doormats these days. The other day, I stumbled upon some really cute Hocus Pocus doormats that are sure to put a spell on you this Halloween!

Hocus Pocus Doormats

I’ve handpicked a few Hocus Pocus doormats that I think would look mega witchy on your front porch!

The first doormat says “Probably Watching Hocus Pocus” on it which I think is very accurate for all of you reading this post! The thing I love about this mat is that it’s simple, yet gets the message across. Another thing I love about this mat is that it can be used for fall and Halloween also. This doormat is 18×30 inches and has free shipping!

The second doormat is linked here. The thing I love about this doormat is that it has the quote “It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus” on it which is said by the main character in the movie. Another thing I love about this doormat is that it has PVC backing on the mat so it’s kept sturdy. Like the other mat listed above, you don’t have to put it out just for Halloween. This doormat would be cute for fall decor also!

What I love about this third doormat is that it’s colorful and it has the quote “I smell children” on it which is from the movie! Another thing I love about this doormat is that you can pick your own dimensions based upon how big your doorway or porch is! It comes in 3 various sizes. 

What Buyers Are Saying About These Hocus Pocus Doormats

This doormat has buyers raving! Some of the reviews read, “SUPER CUTE! knew once I saw it on TikTok that I needed it. It’s Is great quality! I can’t wait to have this out all September/October long!” and “It looks perfect. And came super quickly! Great quality! Would definitely recommend.” Buyers are definitely loving this product!

This doormat has buyers raving! Some of the reviews read, “I am so obsessed!!! Perfect size, great quality, I can’t wait to put it out for the fall season! MUST HAVE!” and “I am in love with my new mat! Thank you so much.” It’s safe to say buyers love this mat because it’s perfect for fall and it’s cute!

This doormat has buyers raving! One reviewer writes, “This is by far my favorite part of my front porch! It brought everything together and makes me smile every time I walk through the door. 10/10 recommend these mats to anyone and everyone!!!” Many other reviewers wrote similar comments saying that everyone who walks up to their house comments on their doormats and how cute they are!

Whether you’re decorating for Halloween or fall, these doormats will become a conversation piece in your household! These doormats are meant to withstand the elements and add some autumnal charm to your home all at once! Make sure to check these mats out before they sell out for the season!

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