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Easy Hack for Removing Bandages Painlessly

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Calling all you moms out there with young kids! And maybe even some adults that struggle with this, too! Removing bandages can be a risky business. If you’ve ever been told to rip the band-aid off faster versus slower, you know what I’m talking about. Lucky for you, I found this viral TikTok hack for removing bandages painlessly! Don’t you just love a good mom hack? 

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Just imagine the scene in Friends where Phoebe and Monica use those waxing strips in Season 3. On the back of the label, it says to rip the strips off in “one, pain-free motion.” When they rip them off, you can tell by the yelling and screaming that it was not pain-free. That’s how it feels to rip off a band-aid. Just imagine if they had this hack back in the 90s, how much better would their results have been?!

How does this Removing Bandage Hack work?

This hack is perfect for all you mothers out there whose children scream and cry every time you try to take a band-aid off. I’ve even seen some adults wince at the thought of ripping off a band-aid. The key with this hack is letting the Vaseline soak into the band-aid so that it becomes soft and melts away the sticky residue. This allows the band-aid to peel right off with no pain.

Who invented this TikTok Bandaid hack?

I’m not sure who was the original creator, but I saw this hack the other day, and I could not wait to share it with you all. I got the hack from Angie Lara, a Tik Tok creator with the most adorable baby ever. She has her baby laying down, and you can see the band-aid on his leg. She then takes a jar of Vaseline and rubs some on the band-aid. Angie says you have to wait up to 10 minutes for the product to soak in, and then remove the band-aid slowly. The bandage peels right off in a painless motion! The baby doesn’t even cry; he just coos and doesn’t know that he just had a band-aid taken off!

The video currently has 4.8 million views, and is in her top liked videos with almost 487k likes and 921 comments! Some of the comments read, “Me a 15-year-old: 👁👄👁🖊📕,” “I’m going to try this, do you know where I can get a child 😳,” and “I needed this for myself yesterday lol.” What I gathered from the comments, is that they’ve been waiting for a hack like this their whole lives, and they can’t believe it’s so simple.

What other hacks can you find on TikTok?

TikTok is one of the best places to find hacks, because they’re usually quick, to the point, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time researching them. The thing I love about this hack is that it’s so easy, and I’m pretty sure everyone has Vaseline in their house somewhere.

Another awesome hack I found is from momlikeaboss_, and she talks about a mosquito bite hack for kids who are allergic to mosquitos. I know that when I get bit by a mosquito, they swell up and itch like crazy!

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This video has 2.3 million views, 394k likes, and 3061 comments! The TikTok creator is advertising for a mosquito bite device that sucks out the saliva from the mosquito, causing itchiness and swelling. All you do is take the device, place the open end on your child’s arm, and squeeze until you get suction. Once you take it off, the itching and swelling immediately go away! What’s even better is that you can purchase The Bug Bite Thing on Amazon which takes away fresh bug bites in a pinch. I’ve used it on my kid and it works wonders! 

TikTok is, by far, the best research tool when it comes to quick, life-saving hacks that will change your life. As you can see by these two examples, life-saving hacks come in handy when dealing with kids…or ADULTS!

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