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Viral TikTok Mom Hack To Find Your Child When They Go Missing in Public

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Calling all moms out there here is a super important mom hack! Have you ever lost your child in the mall or supermarket, and felt your heart drop to the floor? As a parent, there is nothing scarier than not knowing where your children are, especially if they are young. The other day, I came across this article with a TikTok video by creator jesmartini that talks about her foolproof way of finding your child when they go missing in public.

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How can you quickly find your kids if they get lost?

When you were younger, did you ever get lost in the grocery store or the mall? I got lost in the grocery store one time, and my mom was panicking. She told me that it was the worst 10 minutes of her life. Luckily, she found me in another aisle, but if she had used this TikTok hack, she could have found me a lot sooner. The creator of this video is jesmartini. She is a very successful creator on the platform and is dedicated to building up parents, as her profile states. In her video, she talks about the one true way to find your kids easily and safely when they go missing in public.

What is the quick hack to find lost child in a crowd?

First, she says to always take note of what your child is wearing before you go out in case of an event like this. Then, she says to start loudly looking for them, not silently. Most parents’ reaction when their child goes missing is to call their name and continue looking for them in silence. Jes says this is the opposite of what you want to do. You want to shout the description of what your child is wearing and what they look like, so everyone can hear you. People will start paying attention, and may even help you find them. Most people won’t just ignore you, they will help you look for them. Also, Jes says to keep repeating this description and continue walking around, trying to find them. Another thing to note, if someone is taking your child, they will not want to cause a scene, and will be more likely to leave your child alone and walk away, as horrible as that may sound.

The thing I love about this hack is that jesmartini really stresses to “screw the stares” because it’s not worth being terrified over something that could be avoided if you had just spoken up. At first, people will wonder what all the shouting is about, but then they will completely understand.

Quick hack to find lost child in a crowd

In the article, it mentions a mom who found her child when they went missing in a Kmart. She called his name and began looking for him silently, but then remembered seeing Jes’ video on TikTok and decided to use her method. After a few minutes of calling out her son’s description, a man said that he had found her son. He wouldn’t have even known the child was missing unless she said something. That’s the power behind this hack. It can be the difference between life and death; it’s that serious.

However, this tip is more than just a “hack,” it’s a life-saving action. It can be devastating when you lose sight of your child because you were distracted. Children can disappear within seconds because they also get distracted and want to go explore. Making sure you actively repeat their description will turn others alert, and they will keep their eyes out, instead of you looking for them quietly. Hopefully, you never have to use this method when you’re out with your children, but if you do, know that it will save their lives.

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