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 Animal Exercise for Kids. 

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Keep the kids moving, fit and having fun with these hilarious animal exercises! They’ll love pretending to be one of their favorite animals!

Keep the kids moving right in your backyard with these fun Animal Exercises for Kids!

Are your kids stuck at home due to the virus school closures happening nationwide? Don’t worry we got you covered and you won’t even need to step outside the house.

Some cities are even locking down being able to roam outdoors except for essential groceries or medicine.

That means our kids won’t even have access to expand energy playing outside, going to parks, bike riding or taking hikes. 

We definitely don’t want them stuck to their devices all day. 

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Kids NEED free spaces fresh air, nature, and playing outdoors. It’s a way for them to recharge and reset. I’d say adults need that too!

Given many of us are literally stuck indoors, I don’t want that to be a deterrent to exercise or stay on the couch.

Get the kids fit and and having with these energetic and entertaining animal exercises!

This will keep the heart rate and giggles flowing – something we can all use a bit more these days.

Animal Exercise for Kids. 

Why are animal exercises so fun for kids?

I don’t know about you but I’d much rather waddle like a duck, hop like a bunny, jump like a frog or walk like a crab than do planks and plunges!

Most kids love animals and each has a favorite one.

Imagine if you could have kids act out their favorite animal all the while moving, practicing their gross motor skills and pretend playing! How fun would that be?

How can these animal exercises be a great workout for kids?

Yes, hopping around like a bunny may not be a very long way to entertain kids. But remember there are ELEVEN animals here! 

If you really want to give the kids a work out, given them some guidance. E.g. do all 11 animal exercises and repeat X times!

Or give them a distance goal. E.g. hop like a bunny from this end to the next. Or make five laps as a crab. 

What if my kids’ favorite animal isn’t featured in these exercises?

Want to know something cool? Kids love making stuff up and usually it leads to good things.

If your kids love let’s say, dolphins, challenge them to make up an exercise that mimics a dolphin’s movement!

This builds creative thinking and makes exercise fun and games instead of hard work and sweat!

Here is a breakdown for how to do these 11 Animal Exercises for Kids. 

Although the best way is to watch the video in this post to see how to do each one!



INSTRUCTIONS: Put your arms and legs on the floor and lift your core center up. Challenge yourself to walk using your arms and legs in this position. 

Animal Exercise for Kids. Crab Walk


INSTRUCTIONS: Bend your knees low to the ground with your two hands and palms flat to the floor. Jump, pushing off your palms. 

Animal Exercise for Kids. Frog exercise.


INSTRUCTIONS: Make two fists, bend your knees and make broad low steps swinging your arms while fists are clenched. 

Animal Exercise for Kids. Gorilla Exercise.


INSTRUCTIONS: Bend your knees and crouch down, it helps to pretend you have a balloon in the center, and waddle one leg at a time. 

Animal Exercise for Kids. Duck Walk


INSTRUCTIONS: Clasp your hands but keep your arms straight and down. bend your waist down and swing your arms back and forth low to the ground as if they were an elephant’s trunk. 

Animal Exercise for Kids. Elephant


INSTRUCTIONS: Get on your hands and knees palms flat forward and exhale your torso slowly in and out. Note this is also called “Cat Cow” pose in yoga terms. 

 Animal Exercise for Kids. Cat exercise


INSTRUCTIONS: Similar to Elephant exercise but opposite. Clasp your hands and lift your arms up forward and swing them back and forth as if they were a giraffe’s neck. 

Animal Exercise for Kids. Giraffe.


INSTRUCTIONS: Bend your knees slightly but stay upright, bring your two hands up like a hook towards your chest and hop! 

Animal Exercise for Kids. 


INSTRUCTIONS: Get in push up position and then bend your knees back to get in crouch position and then back to push up mode. 

Animal Exercise for Kids. 


INSTRUCTIONS: These are actually called Star Jacks and similar to jumping jacks. Squat then jump up with your arms and legs outstretched then back down to a squat and repeat. 

Animal Exercise for Kids. 

These fun animal exercises for kids are a great way to burn off energy indoors or outdoor! Backyard kids activities and fun way to practice gross motor skills.

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