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How adorable is this Leaf Animal Art? When the leaves begin falling, it’s a sure sign that fall has arrived. We love using leaves to create fun fall leaf art, so this time of year is one of our favorites, because free art supplies are literally falling from the sky!

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Collecting leaves from Fall Trees and using them for crafts is a great way to spend some time outside AND bring the beauty of fall leaves inside. Of course you can also use dried, artificial or silk leaves since we understand not everyone has an abundance of fall leaves around depending on where they live.

Much like fingerprint art or collage activities, it’s fun to build these leaf animals from simple shapes and watch them come together to form a more complex object.

We’ve provided a free printable template but it’s simply meant to be a guide to inspire you and your littles to bring leaves alive with their imagination!

Don’t see a hedgehog but a leaf skirt instead? Turn your leaf into a twirling ballerina instead! The idea of art is to inspire and create new art!

Use the free printable leaf template as a guide for kids to create their own adorable Leaf Animal Art!


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Step 1. Gather fallen leaves, dried leaves or use use artificial leaves as we did.

Step 2. Lay your leaves on your cardstock or construction paper, playing around with the arrangement, and using your imagination to think of animals they might look like, or simply follow our guide as a starting point.

Step 3. Glue or tape your leaves down on the paper so they don’t move around.

Step 4. Using a black marker, draw fun animal faces on your leaves. Again, you can download our leaf animal printable to use as inspiration.

Once you’ve drawing your leaf animals, hang up or frame your leaf animal masterpieces! These would look fabulous in a shadow box for fall decor!

See our hand-drawn version right below!

Check out the step by step video right below to see how easy it is to make cute Leaf Animal Art!

Are leaves falling where you are? We don’t have a typically fall here, so we often create our own leaves out of other supplies! You can use cardboard to make a stunning leaf necklace, make a paper leaf garland with glue and pastels.

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