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Fall brings some of the most contrasting and beautiful images in nature. The different colors that leaves take, the eventual falling and the beautiful mosaics on the ground make fall an artist’s playground.

Equally importantly, fall plays such a huge role in keeping nature healthy by completing the circle of life for plants where the fallen leaves become nurturing food for the tree’s future growth.

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It’s fun to teach kid’s about fall – one of the key seasons in a year.

To make the learning fun, we created this magnetic fall tree craft using paper plate.

Paper plates are one of our favorite craft materials – so versatile with loads of possibility for fun and interactive crafts.

My favorites are the Rocking Elephant DIY toy and the Interactive Solar Eclipse craft we made after the total solar eclipse in the United States last year.

In this fall tree craft, the beautiful maple tree leaves of various hues are held in place by magnet behind the plate and as the magnets are removed the leaves fall creating a painting on the canvas.

So beautiful and a fun magnetic project for kids!

Go ahead, make your fun fall tree craft now!


Paper Plate
Construction Papers
Maple leaf Punch
Magnets (We used magnetic darts)
Glue Stick
Brown Marker


1. Trace the outline of tree trunk and branches on a paper plate.

2. Color the trunk and the branches using a brown color marker.

3. Punch maple leaves from colorful construction papers (fall colors).

4. Glue a few leaves to the tree on the paper plate (Optional).

5. Add one vertical staple to the remaining leaves along the midrib. This is to make the leaves metallic so that they can be held on the tree using magnets.

6. Start adding the metallic leaves to the tree and holding them in place with the magnets at the back of the paper plate.

7. You are all set. Start taking off the magnets at the back. The leaves fall in a bunch as the magnet at the back is removed one by one eventually unveiling a fall tree look.

There you go. You have an easy and educational craft to teach kids about the wonders of fall season. Use it with story telling or free play.

What are your favorite fall crafts?

Watch the video right below to see this cool Magnetic Fall Tree Craft in action!

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