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Best Sensory Toys for Kids

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We rounded up the Best Sensory Toys for Kids in 2021. These latest top fidget sensory toys are great for home use while indoor virtual learning.

There is a whole world of sensory toys that have become invaluable to students trying to online learn, anxious children who are wondering what is happening in the world, and just a plain nervous energy that seems to be permeating through our daily lives. We rounded up the best sensory toys for kids in 2021 to help combat these feelings.

We may have all seen the rise of the fidget spinner a couple of years back and we weren’t even dealing with as many external worries at the time. No longer just for children with ADD or Autism, these toys are keeping senses busy and minds more aware of what is important. Fidget toys are helping with anxiety as well as helping students focus while distance and online learning.

Fidgeting is our body’s way of getting rid of those extra nerves, worried feelings or even just helping us to sit still for periods of time on online learning. Many student are still working virtually from home and many children are not outside recess or allowed to attend PE classes,  as they were once before and that bottled up energy needs to go somewhere. Sensory walks are a great alternative but also small handheld fidget toys help with that energy.  Here we show you that it’s not just fidget spinners and sensory balls, but that there are so many versions to keep your child’s hands busy and thoughts focused on the important stuff.

best sensory toys for kids

Check out all the sensory toys and their descriptions down below. 

Tangle Toys

Tangle Sensory Toys

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These infinity connected tubes can be played with and manipulated for long stretches of time. They come in a variety of textures and colors which also add to their sensory help.

Monkey Noodles

Monkey Noodles Sensory toy for kids

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These are stretch long bendable sticks that give the user a tangible way to pull and twist their feelings into the monkey noodle. Made of a bendable, stretchy, glitter material, these are made into various shapes and will always come back to their original shape.

Pop Its or Push Pop Bubble Toy

Push Pop Bubble Sensory Toy for Kids

Photo Credit Via Amazon

Think of how much some of us enjoy popping bubble wrap and then take it to a whole new level. In this reusable version, “silicon bubbles” are able to be “popped” over and over again. It comes in different shapes, sizes and colors and is lightweight and easy to carry with you. This is a great way to move that nervous energy into the motion of popping.

Small Stress Balls

small sensory stress balls

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Colorful and textured squishy balls filled with a variety of sensory items. These are great for students as they are compact and can be used easily at a desk and fit small hands. The squeezable balls have textured items inside and texture on the outside, these can keep little hands busy for periods of time.

Arggh Rainbow Stress Ball

arggh stress ball

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An updated version of the old stress balls they used to give out at workplaces, this is another handheld version that can be used for children while sitting at their desks, the soft and pliable ball comes with bright colors and a satisfying feeling of squishing it all around.

Needoh Glob

nee doh stress ball

Photo Credit Via Amazon

This is a new take on the stress balls of the past. These are super pliable and stretchy as well. It almost feels like a putty inside a balloon that is pliable and fun to smoosh between their hands.

Fat Brain Dimpl

Fat Brain Dimpl

Photo Credit Via Amazon

A Unique sensory toy  with a funny name, this sensory toy works well for younger kids. A rainbow of colors and a fun bubble to pop up and down. There is a great learning piece too as they are labeled with colors and numbers, so this sensory toy is also educational.

Sensory Tubes

Sensory Tubes

Photo Credit Via Amazon

If you can imagine the top of a bendable straw, but much larger, this is what sensory tubes are. They bend and move and have a fun accordion texture to them. The tubes also connect so kids can make them into connected circles and do a bit of building with them as well.

Sensory Fidget Tubes

Sensory Fidget Tubes

Photo Credit Via Amazon

These liquid filled tubes have different items inside, but they provide a calming factor. It’s a set of four soothing tubes that provide different eye catching movement inside such as glitter or a mechanism that slowly descends when you turn the tube upside down.

Sensory Pillow Buckles

Sensory Pillow

Photo Credit Via Amazon

Not only is a great toy for helping children learn to buckle various types of fasteners, but it also keeps their minds busy trying to find the right fit with each piece. Plenty of different textures also add to the fun of this fidget toy.

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