Have you ever wanted to brighten up someone’s day? Me too! That’s the whole concept of Send a Unicorn. This mission is spread magic and happiness everywhere. It doesn’t matter if the crazy over unicorns (like me), or if you know that they could totally use a little bit of magical cheer – this is the perfect gift to send.

I’m so excited to share a magical mission I’ve been working on. Send a Unicorn started as an idea to spread magic and a sprinkling of happiness.

The idea was to Send a Unicorn (literally) to yourself (or someone) as a cheer or reminder they sparkle.

*Update 7/27/18* We now have new styles of unicorns and a mermaid!


Send a Unicorn is about spreading magic. We believe in a few simple rules:

1) Be Nice

2) Share

3) Send a Unicorn

Our mission is to add a sprinkle of happiness, because the world can always use more sparkle and kindness.

We started with an adorable handmade crochet unicorn and are now working with other unique artisan unicorn makers to help spread magic even more!

Here’s a sampling of special edition boxes we’ve had so far – Unicorn Cookies, Unicorn Ornaments, and Unicorn Pinata,

For older kids tweens, teens and kids at heart, we have cute Unicorn Mugs with handmade cloud marshmallows, Journal and Unicorn Lights, and Unicorn Stationery Boxes.

And don’t forget the littlest ones! Our Rainbow Unicorn Crochet Lovey blanket is soft and huggable!

See all the Send a Unicorn Boxes HERE.

Each unicorn is nestled on top of paper rainbow confetti in our signature gift box with a complimentary unicorn card, postcard, and special touches like our Rainbow and Packed With Stardust Stickers.

Make sure to follow Send a UnicornonFacebookandInstagram and use hashtag #sendaunicorn!

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