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Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments

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These cute Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments are a fun recycled craft kids can make to celebrate the holiday season. 

It’s so simple to get creative with items that you have around your house, like egg cartons! These are such easy materials for holiday crafting with kids. 

So many people tend to think that once the eggs are done that the egg cartons have to go in the trash but this just isn’t the truth. 

We love to recycle and repurpose items all the time in our home and use them for crafting and creative purposes. Can you believe how egg cartons just transformed into a Christmas tree, Angel, Rudolph and Snowman here?!

Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments

Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments

Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments

Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments

Egg carton ornaments make simple and festive DIY Christmas ornaments. 

What I love most about this simple holiday craft is that it’s just a lot of fun to create and so easy. Not to mention inexpensive!

Most of us go through egg cartons and so there goes your main material need.

There’s no pressure on making anything “perfect” and it’s the type of craft that really does allow the kids to just relax and create. And we can all stand to have as much of a stress-free holiday as possible! 

When kids are able to sit around having fun with some recycled materials, paint and fun craft items like pom poms and pipe cleaners, it makes the sticky glue mess worth it! 

My hope for you and your child is that you’ll get to work together to create this fun, easy and unique egg carton holiday craft. It’s a super simple way to create handmade DIY ornaments and Christmas memories together! 

Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments - cute recycled diy craft kids can make

Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments - cute recycled diy craft kids can make

How long does the paint take to dry on the egg carton?

Egg carton is actually very porous and absorbent so surprisingly the paint dries fast! I wouldn’t say instantly but in 10 minutes or so, you can go on to adding your layers like buttons on the snowman egg carton or pom poms on the tree.

This is a win with kids who are impatient or need instant gratification when crafting.

Let’s face it, most kids don’t have long attention spans, so this is the perfect holiday craft that will get grab their attention. 

Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments - cute recycled diy craft kids can make

Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments - cute recycled diy craft kids can make

Will all types of egg cartons work for this craft?

You’re going to want to use the egg cartons that are more of the cardboard type material. You’ll see some that have a shiny outer surface and some that are plastic, but those types of egg cartons aren’t going to work for this craft.

The cardboard one offers a great surface for the paint to cling to as well and tends to dry a bit faster, too. 

How to create Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments

The best part about this simple holiday craft is that it’s really a lot of fun to create! It’s going to take you back to your childhood days for sure! All you need are a few supplies to get started and you’ll be crafting and creating in no time at all.

We also made several different types of ornaments from our egg cartons as well. We created a Christmas tree, an angel, Rudolph, and a snowman. How fun, right?! 

These examples are meant to inspire you but by all means, just lay out the craft materials and egg cartons and see what your children create. You will be amazed by their creativity and imagination! 

Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments - tree

Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments - snowman

Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments - angel

Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments - rudolph

Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments – Materials:

For all ornaments

For Snowman Egg Carton

  • Scrap ribbon 
  • Buttons
  • Black paint marker
  • White pipe cleaner

For Rudolph Egg Carton

  • Googly Eyes
  • Red pom pom
  • Bell 
  • Red pipe cleaner one for the ornament string and one to hold the bell

For Angel Egg Carton 

  • Yellow paint marker
  • Gold Pipe cleaner

For  Tree Egg Carton

  • Small pom poms
  • Glitter gold paper



Step 1. Glue 3 egg carton cups together and paint white . Let dry.
Step 2. Cut out a hat shape, paint black.
Step 3. Cut out a small triangle out of egg carton and paint orange. 
Step 4. Glue on buttons, and add a face out of black paint makers. 
Step 5. Tie your scrap ribbon around the neck.
Step 6. Cut a pipe cleaner in half, bend and hot glue to the back of the snowman. 


Step 1. Cut out two egg carton cups side by side and paint white. 
Step 2. Cut out one egg carton cup and paint skin color. 
Step 3. Cut out a triangle from egg carton sides and paint blue.
Step 4. Cut out two small leaf shapes from egg carton scraps for the angel hair “bangs.” 
Step 5. Glue the wings behind the triangle, glue on the face and bangs. Using yellow paint pen add yellow hair around the bangs. 
Step 6. Tie a small piece of gold pipe cleaner into a circle and leave one side hanging. Punch a tiny hole over the angel head and hot glue halo in place. 
Step 7. Add face details to your angel with paint markers. 
Step 8. Cut a pipe cleaner in half, bend and hot glue to the back of the snowman. 


Step 1. Paint two egg carton cups side by side brown. 
Step 2. Hot glue two eyes inside the egg carton cups.
Step 3. Bend brown pipe cleaners into spirals and hot glue for the antlers.
Step 4. Optional, add a piece of pipe cleaner threaded with a jingle bell to Rudolph’s neck by hot gluing in place. 
Step 5.Cut a pipe cleaner in half, bend and hot glue to the back of the snowman. 


Step 1. Paint the pointy parts of egg cartons green (4 per tree)
Step 2. Hot glue small pom poms on for ornaments.
Step 3. Hot glue a small glitter star on top. 
Step 4.Cut a pipe cleaner in half, bend and hot glue to the back of the snowman. 

Egg Carton Christmas Ornaments - recycled holiday craft for kids

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