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Have you caught our Nursery Rhyme Costume theme for Halloween this year? We’ve got an Itsy Bitsy Spider, A Little Teapot and now an adorable sailor for Row Row Row Your Boat! This DIY Row Your Boat costume is also great for pretend play (for older kids), or a baby photo prop as well!

Read more below on how to make your own cardboard boat and and make sure to play along the tune of “row row row  your boat” to get in the spirit.






  • Dimensions are 32″ long from tip to end. Here is the breakdown for the sizes you’ll want to cut your cardboard pieces.
  • Bottom of boat – rectangular part (bottom) 24″ x 24″ x 15.” The triangle is 11″.
  • Height of boat is 7.5″
  • Width of boat is 15″
  • Refer to photos below. Once you have your pieces cut, you will hot glue them together.
  • Add a bar across – ours is 14″ x 5″


  • Use a dowel rod that is tall enough to stick out of your boat, we hot glued two 12″ dowel rods together.
  • Cut out a triangle from a stiff piece of felt or fabric backing. Use that as a template to trace and cut a patterned fabric or  piece of paper to glue on top of the backing. Glue your sail to the dowel.
  • Use masking or Duct tape to secure the sail inside the boat so it stands up.


  • Make waves by simply cutting out wave shapes from cardboard and painting blue. You can also glue them to the boat.
  • Make a painted stripe on boat by using masking tape to measure out a thick line and paint inside the line. We gave our boat a pink stripe.
  • Dress your little sailer in a cute sailor outfit!

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