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Yay it’s Mothers Day and how about saying Happy Mothers Day with a big jolly portrait paper lantern art? This portrait art project can be created any season of the year, for kids to make their own self-portrait as well! Since it happens to be Mother’s Day, we thought it would be special to share one just for mom. Or make a family of friendly paper lantern faces for the whole family!

If you’ve seen our CraftMakePlay IG page and recycled bunny contributor post here on hello, Wonderful you’ll notice how much we’ve been loving the good recyclable egg carton!

Cutting the boxes, creating flowers and adding plenty of color is a happy process so doing this for Mothers Day is sure to add big smiles and happy vibes!
Keep reading to get the how-to and enjoy!

Firstly we gathered our materials from the CraftMakePlay shelves and recycling box…..

paper lantern
•egg box cartons x3
•colored paints and black paint
paint brushes
•glue or a hot glue gun for speed
pom poms

….and then we got super happy craft make creating!


Cut out your flower cup shapes for the egg box cartons, we had around 18.
Paint all your egg box flowers and set aside to dry
Assemble your paper lantern
Once your egg box flowers are dry start to glue them around the top of the lantern and a little down the sides in an arrangement that looks like an amazing flower hair do, we used a hot glue good for speed, add pompoms too at this stage if you fancy.
With a thin to medium brush swirl some black paint onto the brush and whoosh the eye shape, if you prefer round eyes, or dash line eyes, coloured eyes or big google eyes then thats fab too
Using another brush or your cleaned ‘eye’ brush swirl on some pink paint to create Mommy’s rosy cheery cheeks and sweet heart bud lips.
As the flowers makes the lantern heavier on one side you will need to dangle the lantern to dry, you can do this using the ribbon.
Whilst the eyes and cheeks and lips dry you can now add ribbons or trims of your choice to the bottom.
Beautiful ….happy mommy day everyday x

This make can be created using any size paper lantern our was a 30cm (12″) one but you could do a whole range of sizes and create your whole family!

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