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pool noodle car ramp
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This Pool Noodle Car Ramp is a creative way for kids to play with toy cars and encourages building and engineering skill! 

Have you ever picked up a pool noddle and imagined it as something else? We have several lying around and decided to cut one in half to build car ramps! This pool noodle car ramp was one of the easiest DIY’s we’ve ever made and kept the kids engaged for a super fun car-filled afternoon.

My kids love racing their cars around and basically find anything lying around that they can turn into a car ramp.

pool noodle car ramp

pool noodle car ramp

how to turn pool noodles into car ramps

How do you make pool noodle car ramps?

It was easy to imagine a pool noodle as one since it has curved edges. All we did was slice the tube down in half and we had two ready ramps ready to play!

Using a serrated knife worked best. Of course  you want to go slowly and down the pool noodle very carefully. Only adults should attempt to cut the pool noodle. 

how to turn pool noodles into car ramps

how to turn pool noodles into car ramps

How do you make the car pool noodle ramps extra fun and creative?

To get the best ramp experience we needed some height so stairs made the best sense. To keep them in place the trick was adding some masking tape behind the points of the noodle ramp that touched the edges of the stairs. That’s it!

Here are some fun ways we played:

  • Two ramps in equal distance, race cars and see which ones won
  • Tape two ramps together for a super long ramp
  • Bend and curl a ramp so there is a curve – super fun to watch a car fly off the curve!

curved pool noodles to make car ramps

how to make a car ramp out of a pool noodle

making a car ramp out of pool noodles



Step 1: Using a serrated knife, slowly and carefully cut down one side of a pool noodle ramp. Repeat on the other side.
Step 2. Add masking tape behind the pool noodle car ramps so they stick to your surface, in our case it was stairs. 
Step 3. Slide cars down the ramp! 
Optional: tape two ramps together for a super long ramp. Or bend a ramp to make a curved ramp!

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