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paper hedgehog craft for kids
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Make this paper hedgehog craft for kids and create a learning activity about hedgehogs to learn how they live and what makes them unique!

We think hedgehogs are one of the cutest animals around and so are especially excited to share this cute Paper Hedgehog Craft! 

We love these cute critters so much we even made one as a Halloween hedgehog costume one year. 

This adorable paper hedgehog is a fun learning craft for kids. As you make him peek outside his log, you can talk to your kids about hedgehog facts. Like did you know:

Hedgehog Facts: 

  • A group of hedgehogs is a called an “array”
  • A hedgehog has between 5000-7000 quills
  • Hedgehog quills are not poisonous unlike porcupine quills. 

Fascinating right? See more hedgehog facts here. 

paper hedgehog craft for kids

paper hedgehog craft for kids

yarn hedgehog on a stick craft

paper hedgehog craft for kids paper hedgehog craft for kids

Hedgehog Craft for Kids – Materials:

Colored cardstock papers (cream, brown, green, pink and yellow)
Red pom poms
Popsicle stick
Black marker
Glue stick
Brown yarn

FREE printable hedgehog

Follow the steps below to make this hedgehog craft for kids or watch the video in this post. 

process pictures on how to make a craft hedgehog out of of paper

process pictures on how to make a craft hedgehog out of of paper

process pictures on how to make a craft hedgehog out of of paper

 craft hedgehog out of of paper


Step 1: Cut a wide strip of brown paper and glue it together to make a cylinder (alternatively you can wrap paper around a paper tube). Draw a wood pattern on it with black marker.
Step 2: Draw a hedgehog that fits the cylinder, cut it out, draw a face for it.
Step 3: Cut little pieces of brown yarn and glue to the back of the hedgehog.
Step 4: Glue brown paper around the popsicle stick, glue the hedgehog to the end.
Step 5: Cut a piece of brown paper for the trunk of the tree. On green paper, draw foliage and a bush, blades of grass for the tree and cut it out.
Step 6: Stick the plants to the cream  cardstock paper. Glue the hedgehog cylinder in front of the tree trunk.
Step 7: Draw flowers out of pink paper for the foliage of the tree, cut them out and glue.
Step 8: Draw a circle and little strips on yellow paper for the sun and the rays. Cut out and stick to the cream cardstock. 

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