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DIY Pizza Costume

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If you’re a fan of pizza, you’ll love how easy this DIY Pizza costume is to make out of cardboard and felt! It’s no-sew and perfect for kids who love pizza! 

My kids are huge pizza lovers, and let’s face it who doesn’t love pizza? There’s a reason this is one of the most popular foods for kids and adults! We turned this trendy food into the cutest DIY Pizza costume! The best part about this easy last-minute costume is that it’s made of just cardboard and felt! No sewing or complicated parts are required, making it a perfect costume for when you’re scrambling for a Halloween costume idea!

DIY Pizza Costume

DIY Pizza Costume

DIY Pizza Costume

What do you need to make this DIY Pizza Costume?

You will need two large pieces of cardboard. If you don’t have that you can buy poster board and cut it to size, no one will tell as it will be covered anyway! You’ll need felt for the pizza toppings for whatever you want to add on top of your pizza! We added cheese, pepperoni, olives, green bell pepper and mushrooms. For the base of the pizza (red sauce), we got some red fleece to give it a cushier feel but you can definitely use felt! We also used tan fleece for the crust and added some padding with polyfill for dimension. If you don’t have that, no problem, you can just glue a strip of the tan fleece or felt across!

Last you will need some strong 3″ elastic and lots of hot glue. Are you ready to make your handmade pizza costume? Get all the details below! 

DIY Pizza Costume

Pizza Costume – Materials:

Two large pieces of cardboard or poster board (cut into triangles – size to fit your kids’ body)

Red felt or fleece

Tan felt or fleece

Yellow, green, red, black, brown, green felt


Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

3 inches wide elastic 


DIY Pizza Costume

DIY Pizza Costume

DIY Pizza Costume

DIY Pizza Costume

DIY Pizza Costume


(watch the video in this post)



If you're a fan of pizza, you'll love how easy this DIY Pizza costume is to make out of cardboard and felt! It's no-sew and perfect for kids who love pizza! 



  1. Cover your cardboard triangles with red felt or fleece. It's up to you if you want to cover the inside too (we did).
  2. Cut a wide strip of tan felt or fleece that spans the top part of your triangle. Stuff with polyfill and hot glue as well hot glue the sides to make the crust. Then hot glue that to your triangle.
  3. Cut toppings out of felt. We made cheese strips, mushrooms, round olives, bell peppers, and round pepperoni, Glute toppings to the triangle.
  4. Glue two pieces of elastics on either end of one triangle connecting it to the other triangle. Make sure to fit your child's body first!
DIY Pizza Costume

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