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The Best Advice About Traveling Safely With Kids During the Pandemic – Covid 19

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Traveling safely with kids during a pandemic can happen with this travel advice. Be safe and look forward to exploring more as a family. 

If you have been thinking about traveling with your family, this could be important to read before going on that vacation. Below we will discuss how traveling affects children and whether or not it is safe to travel with them during the pandemic. 

We also talk about what precautions parents should take if they are traveling anyway. If you are to travel, there are a few questions you must ask yourself before taking that trip these questions include,

Are your kids likely to be severely affected by COVID-19?

If your child has allergies or has any terminal illness like diabetes, then traveling is not safe for them. You should not travel with them because it could be detrimental to their health and wellbeing. But if they have to travel you will have to be extra careful to avoid contracting COVID-19.

What are the infection rates of the area you are going to?

You should research whether the area where you are traveling has a high infection rate. You do not want to bring your children into a pandemic-infested country since kids have developing immunity. 

If you are going to be traveling to a place that is highly affected by COVID-19 then it is your responsibility as a parent to take utmost care of your kids.

Are the flights to your destination safe?

If traveling is necessary, then you need to know if the flights are safe. If there have been large numbers of people getting sick while traveling on planes, it could be a good idea for your children not to travel by plane rather you can drive to your destination if possible. 

It is also essential to know if the traveling time will be too long because there could potentially be a greater risk of getting sick.

Are all vaccinations completed?

It would also be advisable for everyone traveling, including yourself and your kids, to get every vaccination possible before traveling. Even though COVID-19 cannot physically hurt you or your family members who have already developed an immunity, some vaccines can cause infection in others, so don’t take the chance. 

Are you going to stay in a hotel?

You should ask yourself if traveling to a hotel with your kids is safe during this pandemic. If there are many reports of people getting sick in hotels or if COVID-19 has infested the area where they are located, then it would be best not to book a hotel. You should look for an alternative like an Airbnb because, again, you don’t want to bring them into an unsafe place that could potentially make them ill.

Are road trips safe?

When traveling by plane is not an option, then road trips would be the next best thing. The only problem is that it could potentially take weeks before you get home, so make sure your car will remain germ-free, and there aren’t many chances of getting sick during this time because, again, they have poor immunity.

While traveling, will you be staying with another family?

During this pandemic traveling could be unsafe if you are staying with another family. If there is a chance they have the disease or are sick, then your children should not stay even for one night because it would expose them to potentially COVID-19 viruses to which their bodies cannot fight off. 

However, if the other family has taken the necessary precautions, then traveling with your children would be okay.

If you answered negatively to the above queries, then it may not be a good idea to travel with children at this time. However, if your answer is yes, then traveling with your kids is safe, and you can have the vacation of a lifetime. You will need to prepare yourself before you travel. This is how you prepare while traveling during this pandemic period.

Get tested

Before traveling with your kids, you should get tested to know your status and to also get a pass into the place you are traveling to since countries only accept travelers who are negative and vaccinated.

Get vaccinated

Before traveling with your kids, you should get vaccinated against the disease if permitted in your age group. Even though traveling is safe, you should still get the vaccine because vaccinations show a decreased rate of hospitalization should you get COVID-19 even with breakthrough cases. 

Teach your kids about COVID before traveling

Before traveling, you should teach your kids about COVID-19 because they may need to know what it is and how to prevent exposure.

Get sanitizers and face masks

Traveling with kids will need you to bring along some traveling essentials such as sanitizers and face masks. Be certain that your children are safe from the COVID-19 virus by using these items throughout the trip, especially when traveling for a long time where there is no guarantee of clean bathrooms or water available on the highways.

Make sure your car remains virus-free

You need to make sure that traveling by car does not expose everyone inside the vehicle to viruses, so keep everything clean and sanitary, including food, drinks, toys, etc. Wipe down all surface areas with a disinfectant after every use. 

Do this even if you are just stopping for a quick bathroom break somewhere. There may be someone who had sneezed on the door handle before you got in, which could contaminate everything else without anyone knowing about it until later when they start feeling sick themselves. 

You can prevent contamination like this by using sanitizers frequently throughout any trip, regardless of how long the journey is.

Wash your hands often

You should wash your hands with water for at least 20 seconds because you don’t want to spread the virus or get sick while traveling. Do this on a  regular basis and make sure that the kids are taught how to wash their own hands too properly. 

When choosing hotels, try looking for places that have hand sanitizer dispensers in public areas like lobbies so if there is any chance of getting exposed, then they know what to do immediately after touching something potentially dangerous.

Keep traveling times limited

The best thing to do while traveling with kids during the pandemic period would be for you to keep traveling time periods short and make a few stops along the way if possible so that everyone inside of your vehicle can be safe. 

Few stops guarantee less contact with contaminated surfaces.  When stopping to go to the bathroom, accompany your kids to make sure they do not come in contact with infected surfaces and make sure that they wash their hands with plenty of running water as soon as possible too.

In addition, try not to travel when there are other people on road trips since this increases exposure risks exponentially regardless of whether or not you think your family members will contract COVID-19.

Avoid crowded places

You should avoid traveling to crowded places, especially if they are full of people who have the disease. This is because your children could potentially become sick since their immune systems are not strong enough and therefore cannot fight off any illness especially COVID-19 coming on them right now regardless of how common or rare it may seem to you.

Have your hotel room sanitized

You want to make sure that traveling with kids during the pandemic has no negative impact on your children’s health, so you should have all hotel room surfaces sanitized by using antibacterial wipes before allowing anyone in there. 

You also need to disinfect any toys they may have brought along because traveling can expose everyone inside a vehicle or hotel room, let alone anywhere else people are traveling to. 

Be prepared for the worst even though traveling is safe

As a parent, it is your responsibility to come up with different scenarios so that you can assess them and have a solution before it even materializes. One of the scenarios to examine is just in case your kid gets the virus. You will have to locate the nearest hospital for medical care and that is why you should have a list of hospitals located in the place you are traveling to. You should also know how to access the hospitals just in case of an emergency.

Even if traveling seems okay right now, you still have these precautions because there could be some people who are secretly infected but look healthy.

Traveling during this pandemic may not be as easy as before, but it does not mean that everything should stop just because there is a pandemic going around. If traveling to certain places or staying in hotels seems too dangerous, then traveling by car would definitely make things easier for everyone involved.

Do remember, though, that all vaccinations must be completed before traveling, so check on what vaccines are best suited for traveling and when they need to happen beforehand. Traveling while having COVID-19 could potentially risk lives. It’s always better to stay home until the danger has passed rather than risk exposing other people to the disease.

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