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Montessori Letter Word Matching Game

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This Montessori Letter Word Matching Game is a fun learning toy for preschoolers to learn letter recognition and words. 

Now is the time to combine fun toys and learning. This Montessori Letter Word Matching Game not only is fun to set up and play with but it does a great job in teaching the younger kids how to start spelling their very first words.
What we love most about this fun learning toy is that it’s so user-friendly for the kids. It’s made of sturdy materials with blocks that are the perfect size for small hands.
That way when they’re using them, they are working on their fine-motor skills and confidence as well. Imagine how excited they’ll be when they start to spell out those words for the first time! 
Our youngest child played with this toy for a very long time. He loved to see the pictures, and then turn the blocks over and over trying to find the matching letter. It’s such a great activity that really keeps them engaged the entire time. 

If you’re looking for a simple addition to your home that will work on your child’s sight words and spelling, this Montessori Letter Word Matching Game is a perfect choice. There’s no time like the present to take their reading and spelling to the next level.