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Kids Yoga Books To Get Their Bodies Moving!

kids yoga books

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These Kids Yoga Books are a great way to get the kids excited and ready to move their bodies! Perfect for all ages! 

We love to move our bodies and have been doing yoga for years! The best part about yoga is that it’s fun for kids to join in as well. While there may be some poses and moves that are harder than others, most moves are perfectly fine and fun for the kids. If you’re looking for a new family adventure that everyone can join in on, why not try yoga? These fun books prove that yoga is great for all ages! Plus they make great calm down activities. 

Kids Yoga Books To Get Their Bodies Moving

These are just a few of the great yoga books for kids. Have fun deciding which ones work best for you and your family. 

Yoga for Little Kids

Yoga for Little Kids

Even when your child is little, they can still work on their yoga moves to practice being calm! This book is perfect for toddlers and babies. 

Good Night Yoga

yoga books for kids

If you’re familiar with the Goodnight Moon Book, this is a fun spin on that, but yoga-themed. Great for relaxing and getting ready for bed. 

Breathing is my Superpower 

yoga books for kids

This book will help your little ones learn the importance of breathing in and out slowly and staying calm, even when big emotions are happening. 

Breathe Like a Bear

One of the biggest parts of yoga is breathing, and this book makes it fun to breathe like a bear! Teach your kids the right way to breathe and relax. 

Good Morning Yoga

Is there any better way to start your day? The kids will love this pose-by-pose wake-up story that will have them stretching and ready for the day. 

From A to Zen: An ABC Yoga Adventure 

Are you ready to take the kids on a zen adventure? From start to finish, you’ll cover the calming aspect of the letters of the alphabet! 

Dinosaur Yoga

If you have dinosaur fans in the house, this is perfection. Stretch and roar like a dinosaur? Yes, please! 

Yoga Superhero

The kids will love to learn that they have their own inner superhero when it comes to taking control of their breathing and bodies. What a fun way to build confidence! 

You are a lion!

Just when you thought that you knew all the yoga poses, along comes this book! They’re fun for the kids – and adults that want to try them, too! 

Yoga for Kids 

Use this book as a great way to visualize the stretches for yoga. Since some kids are visual learners, the pictures in this book really do help! 

I Am Yoga

Finding calmness and peace is what it’s all about. The more that the kids will immerse themselves in yoga, the more peace that they might have. 

My First Yoga Board Book 

They’re never too young to start doing yoga! This board book proves that babies and even toddlers are great for starting to do yoga! 

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids 

Can you get through the alphabet and think of yoga terms and words that start with various letters? In this book, you’ll learn the ABS’s of yoga and how well it works in helping your kids move and bend, too. 

Yoga Whale: Simple Poses for Little Ones

If you need more simple poses for the kids, this adorable book can help! Cute ideas for little cuties who are wanting to try to start doing yoga. 

See how many great books about yoga there are?! It’s easy to see why so many people are starting to do yoga and having their kids join in on the fun. Yoga can be a great way to stretch your child, help your child move, and also build an unbreakable bond as well. 

yoga books for kids