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Baby Yoda Valentines

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Cutest Baby Yoda Valentines for Kids – Baby Yoda Best! Your kids really are the best and so why not tell them with these cute Yoda gifts!

Yoda has been popular since he made his on screen debut in Empire Strikes back in 1980, but his latest screen appearance in the Mandalorian as Grogu, or more lovingly referred to as Baby Yoda has hearts melting. With his large ears and big eyes, he’s the perfect Valentine character.

Here’s a roundup of different types of  Baby Yoda Valentine’s gifts for kids which include everything from cookies to mugs and it’s just smile inducing. We have a really fun interactive Baby Yoda card with a free printable that can be colored or decorated too!

Baby Yoda Valentine Gifts for Kids

Check out the Valentine gifts below by clicking on each link to see more. 

Baby Yoda Cookies

Baby Yoda Valentine Cookies

Photo Credit: Via Etsy 

As far as Baby Yoda gifts, who doesn’t like sweets on Valentine’s Day? This more than adorable Baby Yoda cookie is all about the details with his cute smile and cartoon eyes, he’s a real treat. You have your choice of lemon or sugar cookies for this cute Grogu.

Baby Yoda Crochet Holding Heart

baby yoda crochet heart

Photo Credit via Etsy 

Plush toys are always a favorite, but this takes it a step further with a creative crochet Yoda holding a crochet heart. The red heart makes this the ideal for your favorite Valentine.

Baby Yoda Printable Valentines

baby yoda printable valentines

Photo Credit: Via Etsy 

These printable Valentine’s are perfect for your children’s friends or playmates. The artist has made Baby Yoda come to life with some seriously fun sayings such as “Yoda best friend ever!” or “Yoda best in the galaxy!”. These are also customizable to save you from having to sign names with your little one.

Baby Yoda Classroom Valentines

baby yoda classroom valentines

Photo Credit: Via Etsy 

These Mandalorian classroom Valentines with a toy surprise are always more fun. These yoda printables include a space to attach a glow stick which looks like a light saber! Kids will love them and you will too!

Yoda Best Printable Valentine Cards

yoda best valentine card

Photo Credit: Via Etsy 

Sweet Baby Yoda is just darling in this printable. It comes with 4 cards to a page for this easy to set up printable, it showcases 3 different poses with a cute pink heart for these baby yoda Valentine’s. 

Baby Yoda Lollipop Favors

yoda lollipop favors

Photo Credit: Via Etsy 

Strawberry Swirl lollipops make this a tasty treat for classmates and friends. Baby Yoda is printed on each label that reads Be My Valentine on each of these wrapped lollipops. As far as Baby Yoda Valentine’s Day gifts go, this would be such a treat to give and receive.

Baby Yoda Mini Felt Plushie

yoda plushie doll

Photo Credit via Etsy 

A mini – 2 inch Baby Yoda felted plushie is just the most loveable little guy. He comes in a cute box shaped card and is handmade with wool. It can be turned into a magnet on request and makes such a unique gift to someone you care about.

Baby Yoda Mini Planter

yoda one for me plant

Photo Credit: Via Etsy 

If giving your special someone something live is more your thing, this might do the trick. Various sized planters are available and they have Baby Yoda front and center with the saying “Yoda one for me”. You can order it with or without the plant cutting.

Mandalorian Baby Yoda Pretzel Favors

baby yoda pretzels

Photo Credit: Via Etsy 

Unique and edible, these dressed up and candied pretzels are a fun way to celebrate. Grogu is on each pretzel rod and they are designed to look like he’s standing in front of a light saber. These are made with chocolate, so be aware if shipping to warmer climates.

Yoda Custom Mug

baby yoda custom mug

Photo Credit: Via Etsy

Customized gifts always feel more personal on a day such as Valentine’s Day. This fun and functional mug with Mandalorian Baby Yoda proudly displayed on front with a saying of Yoda Best and a name is just perfect if you want something truly unique for your Valentine.

Yoda gifts for Valentine's Day

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