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Rory’s Story Cubes are a neat invention that poses a fun challenge to creativity, whether it expands imaginative play for children, or helps new groups break the ice with a fun activity.

The concept is brilliantly simple. Roll the cubes, and incorporate the results of the cubes into a story. The cubes themselves are 6-sided cubes that function like dice, except instead of dots, there are pictograms of different things. The challenge is to weave all of those elements into a story that connects all of them.

There are different sets of Story Cubes, which can be mixed together to create a larger set of possibilities or played as standalone sets. Additional sets include Voyages, which are more adventure and travel oriented, Actions, which represent verbs, as well as smaller sets of 3 cubes that you can mix in: Enchanted, Clues, and Prehistoria.

Although it seems family board games are fading in popularity with all the digital toys we have at our disposal, these story cubes might be good way to bring everyone together for some good old-fashioned play with the family.

You can view all their sets here and purchase directly on Rory’s Story Cube’s site or find them at these retailers.