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This Rice Ball Shaker Is A Fun And Easy Way To Make Cute Rice Balls

Rice Ball Shaker mold

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If you want an easy way to make cute rice balls snacks or meals, this rice ball shaker is great quality for the price and fun for kids to use too!

I’m always on the lookout for cute ways to serve up kids’ food without spending lots of time in the kitchen. We eat a lot of rice at home and I had heard great things about this rice mold shaker. It makes the perfect rice balls and plus it’s just a fun tool to shake! The kids and I both appreciate the ability to take a mundane food like rice and give it a fun twist to jazz up mealtime. 

Rice Ball Shaker mold

Rice Ball Shaker mold

Rice Ball Shaker mold

What is the rice ball shaker? 

This is a simple kitchen gadget that lets you pack warm fresh rice into a mold that once shaken, results in 3 mini-shaped rice balls. The mold is made of food-safe plastic and comes with a spatula to scoop the rice inside. 

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How do you use the rice ball shaker mold? 

To make rice balls, just cook some rice, let it cool slightly, and then pack it into the molds. Then close the lid and shake, shake shake! The mold easily releases the shaped rice balls. The rice mold is great for making bite-sized rice balls for kids.

If you don’t want the rice to stick or have a high success rate of making perfect balls, try spraying a bit of nonstick spray on the mold before shaking. 

The set also comes with a small spatula that helps scoop the rice and pack it nicely into the molds. The flat design works better than just using a spoon.

How to serve the rice balls

My kids had fun shaking the rice balls. You can go a step further and do some easy food art, by decorating them with nori seaweed for making a bear’s eyes and mouths. We like to just add Furikake seasoning to the rice and then pack them into balls. But you can make other fun food combinations like adding flaked tuna or salmon for a more nutritious rice snack. 

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Rice Ball Shaker mold

Rice Ball Shaker mold

Key Features 

– Plastic rice molds allow you to make cute shapes and expressions on rice balls for fun meals

– Make 3 rice balls at a time by simply adding rice and ingredients, closing the lid, and shaking

– Easy for kids to shake the molds and make their own rice balls

– Compact and convenient for making rice balls at home or on-the-go

– Can be used to make meatballs and other foods in addition to rice

– Simple 4-step process: Add rice and ingredients, close lid, shake, and open mold for cute-shaped rice balls

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Rice Ball Mold Reviews 

Source: Amazon

Was surprised to see that this made little rice balls and not big ones. Even though this is for small one we can’t wait to try this out. We think this will work better with the size and make our rice balls crispy when we fry them. Anxious to try this out!
This works exactly as described and makes really cute rice balls for my kids. My kids love it. It works on multiple kinds of rice, not just sticky rice. It feels pretty cheap, very flimsy plastic, but it’s more of a novelty item, and I can’t imagine putting this through hard use, so good enough for me!
Rice Ball Shaker mold

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