Young kids just learning colors aren’t bound by traditional names which is why they’re encouraged to mix their own paints, for example, to see what the results are. We’ve done that several times with our own children, giving them basic colors and letting them combine various paints to see what unique shade they come up with.

Two creative designer from Japan have come up with a set of “Nameless Paints” that are only identifiable by their color to encourage kids to think outside the box when it comes to learning color theory.

From Spoon and Tamago, “by not assigning names to the colors, we want to expand the definition of what a color can be, and the various shades they can create by mixing them,” explains Yusuke Imai one of the designers along with Ayami Moteki who came up with the brilliant paint set.

The set of 10 paint tubes have one or more colored circles as part of a color equation with the size of the dot indicating proportions to make the colors.

This way, kids are not bound by traditional name colors and what they typically identify as they begin to learn about various hues.

Learn more about the Nameless Paint Set, part of the 2012 Kokuyo Design Awards.

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(via Bored Panda, Spoon and Tamago)
(All images Kokuyo)

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