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Montessori Toddler Kitchen Wooden Knife

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This wooden Montessori toddler Kitchen Knife is a great way to have your child help out in the kitchen and build their cooking confidence.

Montessori Toddler Kitchen Wooden Knife

Montessori Toddler Kitchen Wooden Knife

Montessori Toddler Kitchen Wooden Knife

Do you have little ones who are constantly wanting to help in the kitchen? Instead of telling them “no”, give them the tools to be able to say “yes”. This Montessori Wooden Kitchen Knife from Etsy shop Atelier Saint Cerf is not only perfect for little hands but it’s an easy way to let them help without having to worry that they’re going to hurt themselves in the process. 

Using this wooden knife will help them work on their cooking skills, coordination skills, and also their confidence, all at once. And the best part? This is one way that they can help in the kitchen without even needing your help! 

Give your child a tool that they can use and be helpful with as well!