We have a standing treadmill desk at home and it’s been invaluable in keeping me fit given I spend so much time on the computer. A standing desk is a fantastic way to incorporate fitness in your daily life with hardly any effort.

The innovative design team behind Jaswig has made it their mission to fight against sedentary behavior with their new sleek and modern wooden standing desk. The question posed is a good one – why are kids forced to sit down in classrooms when standing feels better? I also know many fidgety kids who don’t like sitting quietly so standing is a much better option to get them paying attention.

The height adjustable desk made of sustainable wood is called StandUp and caters to both young and old. According to Jaswig, “our desk displays a beautiful balance between simplicity, functionality, sustainability, and familiarity. The design is based on the vintage 60’s school desks but the edges and materials are reflective of recent technological innovations.”

I agree, this is a beautiful, timeless and functional desk that serves multiple purposes for all family members in the home.

Learn more about Jaswig’s StandUp desk on their Kickstarter campaign. They’ve reached their goal with about 2 days left to go (as of this writing) so you can bet on seeing these desks available soon (estimated shipping December 2015 with a pledge).

(All images via Jaswig)

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