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Mini & Maximus is a design-savvy, inspired clothing line for children that wants your kids to “wear the coolest t-shirts on the playground.” Their original designs remind me of cool urban art and punk rock. This is a refreshing change from the often cutesy collections you see in kid’s apparel.

In addition to being design cool, Mini & Maximus cares about the planet and strives to offer apparel you can feel good about giving your kids. They use earth-friendly fabrics for their products, such as bamboo/cotton blends, and screen print with water-soluble inks.

What’s even more cool is that Mini & Maximus cares so much about showcasing original art such that they also take submissions from artists, (established or up and coming) and that means your kid’s scribbles and drawings as well. If chosen, your art could very well end up on their next season’s line of fresh, artistic tees.

You can see Mini & Maximus’ latest collection on their online store.