Have you heard about oven bake clay? It’s great for little hands to sculpt and make anything. My daughter Alia and I spent a fun afternoon making adorable clay hairpins. We used colored clay, but you could also use white clay and paint your hairpins any color you want after they bake.

Clay Hairpins – Materials Needed:

1. Oven bake clay – we used Sculpey’s colored clay.

2. Hairpins (bought a pack from the craft store for a few dollars.)

3. Silicone mold. Molds like these are used to shape cake fondant. We used this one which I had at home.

4. Glaze (optional- this adds a nice finishing touch once you’re done. We used this one.)

5. Hot glue gun (but any strong, durable glue should work.)


1. Soften the clay with your fingers and press it onto the silicone mold. Then carefully take out the clay out of the mold.

2. Using a knife, cut around the shapes to get rid of any extra pieces of clay (I did this step).

3. Bake your creations as per the clay’s instructions.

4. After the clay is dried, put a finishing glaze on your pieces (optional). Let air dry. This takes about 30 minutes.

5. Place a dab of glue onto the clay pieces and attach to hairpins.

Alia loves her hairpins and has worn them to school almost everyday. Have you ever made clay pins?

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