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mason jar aquarium

I got the inspiration to make these mason jar aquariums from Delia Creates. She made these adorable baby jar aquarium snow globes as a party favor.

At a recent playdate activity with my daughter’s preschool friends. We decided to make real-looking aquariums by adding plants, rocks, and sea figurines to a mason jar of blue water.

Everyone enjoyed this super fun and easy craft, and it was great to send kids home from a playdate with a treasure they created themselves.

This mason jar aquarium is a fun pretend play toy to make for kids! They will love taking care of their fish without the fuss!

Mason Jar Aquariums – Materials:

1. Mason jars

2. Blue food coloring

3. Filtered water (tap water tends to give a cloudier look, but is totally fine to use)

4. Aquarium plastic figurines or toy fish

5. Aquarium rocks and plastic plants (you can buy these at any fish or pet stores)

6. Blue and white glitter (optional)

7. Glycerin (optional – this makes the glitter move more slowly when you shake the jar)

mason jar aquarium

How to make a Mason Jar Aquarium – Instructions: 

Because we made these mini aquariums in mason jars, we didn’t bother sealing the lids (though you could do that with sealing or hot glue). We kept the jars upright to make sure they wouldn’t leak.

The finished aquariums look very pretty and realistic, and the kids were thrilled at the way the glitter and rocks could be swirled around inside the jars.

mason jar aquarium

They look just as cute inside the home too 🙂

Have you ever made a snow globe before? Please share your tips!



This mason jar aquarium is a fun pretend play toy to make for kids! They will love taking care of their fish without the fuss!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


Step 1. Add rocks, plants to your mason jar.

Step 2. Fill with water and add some plastic sea creatures.

Step 3. Add some blue food coloring until you are satisfied with the color.

Step 4. Add glitter if using.

Step 5. Add a few drops of glycerin more if you want the water to flow mores slowly and look more viscous.

Step 6. Screw lid shut (at this point you can also glue the lid with some hot glue if you'd like).

Gently swirl to see your sea creatures swim!

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