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Use leaves or fallen nature item to create your own nature paintbrush! A fun way for kids to paint and create art!

We found ourselves with some fall leaves recently (as ’tis the season) and decided to turn them into a fun nature paintbrush! This is an easy fall art set-up you can do in minutes to keep the kids happily painting away on a brisk fall afternoon.

This article was first published 8/20/2016 and updated 8/31/2021

Fall Leaves Paintbrush – Materials:

– Fall leaves (ones with longish stems are ideal)
– Wooden dowel (or use a wooden unsharpened pencil)
– Yarn or string
– Glue


It’s pretty simple.

Gather your leaves and wind with your yarn or string tightly to the top of your dowel.

Snip off string and glue the end to keep it secured. Set up a canvas or paper and some fun paints and let your kids dab away!

Our initial hope was that we could dab some paint on each leaf and create leaf prints but that didn’t work out as well – although I’m sure this could be attempted on larger, more defined leaves.

The kids still had a blast painting and creating gorgeous abstract art in the process!

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