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This LEGO Waffle Maker Lets You Build Your Own Waffle Art

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You can now let your kids play with their food with this LEGO Waffle Maker.

“Don’t play with your food!” I think most of us heard this as kids, and were probably guilty of doing it at least some of the time. With this Lego Waffle Maker, you can make it a whole event, making breakfast together with your children and watch them build waffle art while they eat and acceptably play with their food. They will think you are the absolute coolest for letting them do so! After all what kid doesn’t love playing with LEGO?

If your kids are having a sleepover, this would be the perfect weekend breakfast for your children and their friends. It will possibly be the highlight of their time spent at your home. Want to get the kids involved in the kitchen and helping with a meal? The Lego Waffle Maker will undoubtedly do just that.



What is the Lego Waffle Maker?

The Lego Waffle Maker originally started on Kickstarter for funding in March 2020. The world’s first building brick breakfast waffle maker was immediately supported and funded. The cool, new kitchen appliance gadget was backed by 3,775 supporters pledging more than $265,000.

The patent-pending CucinaPro Lego Waffle Maker, technically called the Building Brick Electric Waffle Maker design allows you to make 14 bricks of different sizes with each serving. It’s the very first of its kind. The large square waffle can be split into a series of stackable bricks. The heat plate is designed to resemble a Lego mold, with studs on the upper surface of the waffle maker and the hollow area on the lower surface allow the waffle bricks to lock into each other.

The waffle maker also comes with 2 serving plates equipped with studs that make a wonderful base structure for your waffle build, including 2 small containers on the side for syrup, sliced fruits or another side.

How much is a LEGO Waffle Maker?

The non-stick waffle maker retails for $59.99 and is currently on sale for $49.99, available on Amazon. 

What is our favorite waffle recipe?

Use your favorite waffle recipe for the LEGO Inspired waffles or check out these ingenious waffle recipes. 

(you probably have your own favorite go to waffle recipe or if not there are plenty more cute waffle foods for kids here. 

Fun facts about LEGO

According to the LEGO website, LEGO is one of the most popular, best-selling toys of all time and a household name all over the world. The plural of LEGO is LEGO and it’s always capitalized.

The company is 83 years old, starting in 1932 in Billund, Denmark. The interlocking LEGO blocks were first manufactured in 1949. LEGO was originally called “Automatic Binding Bricks.”

LEGO Duplo bricks are 8 times the size of the original LEGO bricks! The largest LEGO set is the Taj Mahal set with 5,922 pieces.

In 2011, astronauts took LEGO to space to see how they react in microgravity. In 2014, the Lego Group became the world’s largest toy company, larger than Mattel. Pretty cool facts to share with your LEGO loving kids!

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