As you may guess from my Cooking With Kids series, I’m a strong believer in building excellent kitchen skills in kids at a young age that keeps little hands busy and curious minds engaged. Encouraging kids in the kitchen is also a great family bonding activity as well as a way to nurture an appreciation for all kinds of food. Kitchen Club Kids also believes in promoting health eating habits and the learning opportunities that cooking together provides.

This interesting series offers a set of adventure story/cookbook hybrids that aims to foster an appreciation for the foods we eat on top of telling an engaging story. Each storybook includes a recipe that is appropriate for even the most beginner cooks. In fact, Kitchen Club Kids’ books are ideal for ages 2-6.

Currently, two story books (End of the Rainbow and Garden Safari) are available for purchase through their website, with a third on the way. If you haven’t already gotten a chance to try some cooking activities with your kids, this may be a fun option to get started.

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