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Wach the video above to see how fun it is to make this cute Weather Learning Wheel and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more fun videos!

Does your little weather forecaster like pointing out today’s weather? We’ve got a fun learning tool to get kids excited about learning weather patterns. Get the free printables for this adorable weather wheel and instructions below.

Weather Wheel Printable – Materials:

You’ll need our free template + scissors or cutter + hole punch + brass fasteners. Download free template below:



Print out the the free templates and cut out the designs. Then make a hole on each of them and add the brass fasteners.

​Assemble all the weather elements together. ​Your weather
wheel is ready and your little one can now share how the weather’s looking!

What are some fun ways you talk about the weather with your kids? Check out more fun and creative projects here!

Marie-Laure, is an Architect first, a mom of two, but also a Do It Yourself kind of girl. She LOVES CRAFTING. Her blog La Maison de Loulou is a piece of her with simple and fun crafts, ideas, projects, and activities to do with your kids at anytime. Her children Louise and Roman are her inspiration and all the DIY’s are made for them to have fun. Toys, games, costumes..she loves exploring the kids world with her own twist.