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Imagine telling your child to build his own ride-on toy, stool, or bookcase. Now it’s possible with Tsuchinoco’s inventive collection of playful cardboard toys and furniture. Based in Japan, the design firm from Tsuchinoco has engineered several fun designs made of strong corrugated cardboard that can fit together like puzzle pieces to build functional seating, storage and toys.

According to Tsuchinoco’s site, the cardboard they use is stronger than that of typical corrugated cardboard, a fiber board called HIPLE-ACE. The benefit is its strength, but also its lightweight use compared to wood, so kids can easily move the pieces around. The pieces are recyclable which make it a sound environmental investment compared to other materials.

As a parent I also like the idea of getting the kids involved in learning how things like toys and furniture are structurally made. This adds a layer of fun engineering learning while fulfilling a functional need for the home.

Take a look at Tsuchinoco’s entire collection of cardboard toys and furniture here.