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If your toddler is just learning to read, it can be hard to find the right books. New York City-based Home Grown Books set out to solve this very problem.

Led by Kyla Ryman, a reading specialist and longtime public school educator, and Jessica Brown, an artist and an art educator, the educators, authors and illustrators at Home Grown Books work together to make the best books for emerging readers.

Most of their books have no more than one sentence per page, and some only have a word or two. Younger readers won’t be intimidated by these books, and emerging readers will be proud to read the entire thing on their own.

For readers of all ages (including parents), the books’ art is a huge draw. Lush and colorful papercuts or beautifully rendered oil paintings make Home Grown Books a visual and verbal experience not to be missed.

Home Grown Books’s website is a great educational resources as well, full of video guides that help parents teach their children to read. Head over to their website to see these beautiful books for emergent readers, and don’t forget our list of 100 Great Books for Beginning Readers.