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The beautiful and one of a kind children’s clothes from Ele story will draw you in with their handcrafted details, bright colors and slightly vintage appeal. But it’s the founder’s story behind the line that will captivate you with a connection all parents can understand.

Founder Judy Jou’s “Ele story” comes from an old nursery rhyme her mother used to sing “Elephant, elephant, why is your nose so long? Mama says, long noses are just beautiful.” The song and story symbolizes the encouragement Jou received from her mom to follow her passion in starting a children’s line. With her mother passing away from cancer a few years ago, the pursuit of this dream became even more poignant and led to Jou’s personal “Ele story.”

Here’s a peek below at Ele Story’s 2014 Fall/Winter collection. I love the vibrant uses of colors that remind me of warmer days, but are suitable for cold weather sensibility. Notice the use of gray dots weaved in the fabric, a signature accent in many of the styles offered.

Peruse Ele Story’s full collection on their online shop.