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Back-to-school time is an exciting but often nerve-wracking time for kids. Shake away jitters with a sweet lunch note or a crisp new notebook. Armed with these items, you and your kids will be ready to take on the school year.

Clipboard Organizer (via The 36th Avenue) Keep your kids super organized this year with handy checklists made from clipboards, paint, and vinyl.

Easy Chalk Labels (via The Scrap Shoppe) Chalkboard vinyl labels have an old schoolhouse vibe and are great for organizing miscellaneous school supplies.

Handmade Back-to-School Covers (via Momtastic) Encourage your little scholars to crack open a book with these covers they can decorate themselves.

Back-to-School Photo Printable (via Armelle Blog) Have your little one hold up this printable for a cute back-to-school mugshot.

Back-to-School Apple Note (via One Charming Party) This cute little apple note has a funny twist – a worm made from a pipe cleaner and cereal!

Personalized Back-to-School Notebooks $13. Monogrammed notebooks in lots of different styles although we’re partial to this charming rainbow. 

Personalized Name Aluminum Water Bottles $16.95. Sturdy aluminum monogrammed bottles your kids can tote everywhere.

Free Printable Lunchbox Notes (via Paper Crave) Printing out these cheerful colorful notes couldn’t be easier.