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If you love the versatility and vintage vibe of mason jars, try out these creative projects with your young ones. Kids can turn jars into flourishing terrariums, beachy lanterns, or stylish cups. All of these projects require no special tools or materials and can be completed in a fun afternoon’s time.

Mason Jar Lanterns (via Suburble) Have kids paint a mason jar and then pop in an electric tea light for a lovely lantern.

Beach Terrarium (via Making Home Base) This beach in a jar is an imaginative way for your kids to display their beach treasures.

Activity and Chore Jars (via Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom) Write chores, exercises, and fun activities on popsicle sticks, separate them into mason jars, and have your little ones pick one out each day!

Mason Jar Cups (via Rebekah Gough) Do it yourself with spray paint, a drill, and a metal file. They make fun party favors and look even cuter with striped straws.

Monkey Milk Jars (via Big Red Kitchen) A delicious combination of frozen banana and chocolate milk, stored in a mason jar – by lunchtime it will melt into a delicious slushy that your kids will love.

Glittered Jar Terrarium (via Modern Day Moms) A painted glittery base adds a touch of glam to these earthy terrariums.

Animal Top Mason Jars (via Mason Jar Crafts Love) Pick your kid’s favorite animal, glue it to a mason jar lid, and spray paint it for this unique jar – how cute and simple is that?

Beach Decorated Jar (via A Pumpkin and a Princess) Kids can help glue broken seashells or rocks to mason jars for beachy, beautifully textured lanterns.