It’s no secret I am a huge fan of Pinhole Press and as a professional family photographer, have recommended them to my clients for their beautiful and simple photo gifts and products.

I had the chance recently to review their Valentine’s Day Goodie Bags for Kids.

This is a set of personalized gift labels which you can customize with your child’s name and photo. It includes a set of clear cellophane bags. The online photo editor is extremely user friendly and within just a few minutes, I was done once I chose which image to use.

The tags come in 3 colors (red, pink or blue) so they are appropriate for either gender.

I like how the favor bags are amply sized (2 x 5.6 inches) which gives you a variety of options to place either small or large treats inside.

The gift tags come with self-adhesive as do the bags, so they are a breeze to assemble. The bags can be folded all the way down to hold smaller treats, which again makes them versatile for holding a variety of favors.

You can use your imagination to place anything inside the favor bags (treats, candies, toys, trinkets, notebooks, crayons, etc) but I decided to make some felt Valentine flags for my daugther’s class.

We made them in 3 different styles to show how easy and customizable the flags can be.

Valentine Felt Flags – Materials:

– Paper straws

– Felt

– Scissors

– Craft glue

– Cardstock

– Sticker labels

– Letter stamps

– Red ink pad


1. Cut out pieces of felt in 3 x 5.5 inch rectangles.

2. Place glue along one end of felt rectangle and firmly place a straw on top.

3. Cut a smaller piece of cardstock and glue on top of each felt piece.

Variation #1 – Fingerprint Balloon

1. Draw strings on one end of the cardstock and ask your child to place her fingerprint on each end, stamped with red ink to make the “balloons.”

2. Use your letter stamps to stamp out message “You Lift Me Up.”

Variation #2 – Sticker Labels

1. I found a cute pack of Valentine stickers and simply stamped out some cute messages on the card stock.

Variation #3 – Owl Printable

1. This is the easiest variation by far. I searched for a cute Owl printable and found this one by The Barefoot Baker. I simply cut it out and glued on top of each felt rectangle.

The flags look so cute and festive!

I love how they fit so well inside the Pinhole Press favor bags. You could also add heart confetti to the bag to make it even more festive.

As I mentioned, you really can place a variety of items inside the bags, it’s a versatile favor container that doesn’t need much since the photo labels already pop and add such a cute showcase of love.

Pinhole Press Valentine Goodie Bags come in a set of 18 clear bags and photo labels for $11.99 a set.

{Disclaimer} This is a post sponsored by Pinhole Press. All opinions expressed are my own.

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