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two ingredient taste safe paint made with Cool Whip

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This two ingredient taste safe paint made with Cool Whip is incredibly easy to make with a soft and light texture that’s edible for your baby or toddler.

We’re obsessed with this baby and toddler taste safe paint that’s made with a common food ingredient, Cool Whip! It’s basically food coloring and Cool Whip with a neat trick to make it easier for little ones to paint. 

We were inspired to freeze and color Cool Whip after our Frozen Shaving Cream activity. Many of you asked if you could use Cool Whip instead as a taste safe alternative to shaving cream.

We tried freezing Cool Whip and it worked out beautifully and is very similar to frozen shaving cream with a very light texture. 

The next thought obviously was if we could color it the same and not a big surprise the answer is yes! 

We really loved the freezer paint pops we made a while back with also inspired us to make this edible version. 

two ingredient taste safe paint made with Cool Whip. Paint on popsicle sticks and paper.

two ingredient taste safe paint made with Cool Whip. Shows Cool Whip container upfront

What’s the easiest way to make this two ingredient taste safe paint?

Well, first you’ll need an ice cube tray, but not the typical shallow ones. We knew this was going to be a creamy type of paint that would melt fast so recommend these deeper and larger ice silicone ice trays. 

Secondly, we inserted popsicle sticks so it would easier to take out of the molds and have little hands hold to paint.

Last, we froze the popsicle paints! We holds the popsicle sticks in place so makes it easy for kids to hold and glide the paint around. 

edible paint for toddlers and babies made of Cool Whip and silicone ice cube mold.

What food coloring is best for Cool Whip edible paint?

Cool Whip has fat in it so it’s best to stay with gel food coloring as water does not mix with fats well. With gel colors you can get vibrant hues without adding much liquid unlike water based food coloring. 

Does this taste safe paint stain hands?

If you’ve worked with food coloring you’ll know the downfall is that it does stain hands and clothes easily.

Yes of course it washes off, but if that bothers you, you’ll be happy to hear that the combination of Cool Whip and food coloring lessens the staining effects.

We noticed that immediately while dipping our hands finger painting. A dry paper towel was able to wipe off any paint!

Showing Cool Whip edible taste safe two ingredient paint on paper

shows paint on paper made with Cool Whip edible taste safe paint.

What is the texture of Cool Whip edible paint?

It’s amazing and looks just like the photos! Smooth, buttery, and creamy.

It glides on super easily and when it dries, it’s like puffy paint! We just love the texture of this fun paint and it has such a sweet scent to it!

Of course we weren’t eating it but the scent is pleasant as you paint. Also if your little one does ingest a bit accidentally you know it’s edible and taste safe. 

What happens when the Cool Whip melts?

Cool Whip isn’t meant to hold it’s frozen shape for a long time. Once you notice reasonable melting, time to gather up the popsicle sticks, place them on parchment paper and refreeze for another day’s use!

If have melted too much and the sticks have come off, just place the paint in a bowl and have your little ones finger paint! They are great for that as well. You can place your bowls back in the freezer to save for another day. 

two ingredient taste safe paint made with Cool Whip. Paint on popsicle sticks and paper.

two ingredient taste safe paint made with Cool Whip. Paint on popsicle sticks and paper.

Frozen Cool Whip Two Ingredient Taste Safe Paint – Materials:

Cool Whip
Gel food coloring
Silicone Ice Cube Tray
Popsicle Sticks


Step 1. Separate your Cool Whip into as many bowls as you want different c0lors.
Step 2. Add food coloring gel to your desired brightness and color.
Step 3. Fill your mold with the colored Cool Whip.
Step 4. Insert popsicle sticks in each color. 
Step 5. Freeze until firm (we froze overnight). 

Note: Cool Whip frozen paint pops melt easily! Play and then return to the freezer, or let melt, add to bowl and use as fingerpaint. 


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