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The Etsy House Is A Magical Virtual Look Inside The Best of Etsy

The Etsy House

Photo Credit: Etsy 

Imagine shopping the best Etsy has to offer right in the comforts of your own home. The Etsy House showcases the best in a cool, new virtual way.

We love a good Etsy find and in fact my daughter has her own Etsy Kindness Rock shop. As well, we’ve featured some of our favorite Etsy shops such as these cute Etsy crochet dinosaurs. 

The Etsy House is the best way to have the perfect home without the big price tag. The virtual tour will give you the chance to see the rooms in the house and see actual Etsy products in a realistic 360 degree view. With this virtual tour, you can take your time looking around before making up your mind on whether or not you want to buy any of the items inside. 

According to Etsy, the Etsy House is the “first-ever interactive, augmented-reality experience that allows shoppers to “walk through” a digital home filled with curated Etsy items.” The house features past and present Etsy Design award winners so you can bet on “viewing” only the best of Etsy, right from the comfort of our own living room. 

Of course, Etsy is a marketplace so they want you to shop and makes it easy to browse listing. As you wander through this amazing Etsy House, there are clickable links to the items you see (black circles with white dots inside). If you want to take your time looking without clicking, Etsy makes it easy to view everything through one link to ALL the Etsy House picks here. 

The Etsy House

Photo Credit: Etsy 

Etsy House Tour

Here are some of our favorite rooms, but make sure to view The Etsy House yourself to check out all the cool rooms and finds. 

Gaming room

The tour starts off in the entrance then to an impressive game room that centers on a giant wooden foosball table that is the focal point of the room. On the wall you’ll find cool art like a guitar and lit up Astronaut neon light. 


After the gaming room, you head to an enormous dream kitchen featuring a large island, surrounded by cabinets on both sides. The island has plenty of seating and on top of most of the counters, you’ll find Etsy products like wooden cutting boards, vases, glass containers and soaps. On the other side of the kitchen, you have a breakfast nook that leads into the backyard featuring another grand Etsy design pick; a swing picnic table that allows you to swing while eating. 

Kids Playroom

The virtual tour takes you through the kid’s playroom, my absolute favorite of the home and I know my children’s too. This Etsy playroom is filled with imagination, play, whimsy and features on the best handmade designs. The wooden green sage play kitchen is a standout as well as the Montessori style bed frame. 

Navigation features

Navigating the virtual house has been made easy by buttons to give the person the ability to explore various rooms of the house that he or she would like to see more detail on. There is a menu of buttons that you can choose from; this includes the rooms button, arrow key for directions, and left-clicking on the mouse to move forward.


The house is full of art pieces that Etsy has curated. It’s quite easy to imagine your home decorated with these beautiful pieces of art by viewing them on the wall. 

The Etsy House is a very cool experience to shop virtually, yet with an interactive and smart experience. With e-commerce rising and people choosing to shop more from the comforts of their home, it’s a smart move for Etsy to offer an immersive experience to inspire and inform their buyers. 

Check out the Etsy House here and find all the items featured HERE. 

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