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Prince Lionheart is known for their high quality toys and products for babies and kids which range anywhere from feeding/nursing products to travel accessories and play toys. You might be familiar with their sturdy and well-constructed ride-on toys. I’ve personally purchased their Wheely Bug in the past and am a big fan of their high quality toys for kids.

I was more than happy to be given the chance to recently review their Chop Balance Bike.

If you’re not aware, a balance bike is a pre-cursor for riding a two-wheel bike. My daughter, who’s now 5 1/2 years old, started on a balance bike when she was around 4 and it made a huge difference in her training towards now being able to ride a two-wheel bike. A balance bike helps your child learn how to balance and steer and it’s often recommended that you start off on one and forgo traditional training wheels.

Given the success of seeing my daughter transition so well off a balance bike to a two-wheeler, I wanted to start my 3 year old son on his own balance bike.

The Prince Lionheart Chop Balance Bike is a great fit for ages 2-5 years old. First, it was a breeze to put together. Since it’s well-constructed, made of 100% birch frame, the parts come “whole” and my husband was able to easily assemble the bike with the included Allen wrench in less than 10 minutes. There are just 5 easy steps and 3 major parts to connect (the body with back wheel, front handles, and front wheel).

The Chop Balance Bike is a sturdy and hefty bike so it feels safe and strong. I appreciate the details such as the rubber hand grips, padded seat (which is adjustable from 14.8-17 inches) and 14 and 12 inch rubber tires.

We immediately took the bike out for a spin and tried it on both pavement and more rustic roads. The bike performed well under both conditions and my son had no problem holding on to the handles and pushing off with his feet. As you can tell from above, the bike is intuitive to use and is a great fit for his age (3.5 years old). However, you do have the option to move the seat higher to accommodate an older child. I knew the bike would do well on pavement, but it was great to see that the tires also performed on a more rustic road.

We’ve taken the bike out for a spin several more times since then and it’s definitely improved my son’s balance and comfort in riding on a bike. I love how hefty it is and know it will grow with my son as he continues to learn how to steer and balance well. As you can tell, my son is pretty happy with the bike and loves to ride it!

For more information on Prince Lionheart’s Chop Balance Bike take a look here. You can find the Prince Lionheart products at the following retail stores.

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{Disclaimer} This is a post sponsored by Prince Lionheart. I was given a Chop Balance Bike to review. No compensation was provided other than the product. All opinions expressed are my own.

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