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This Genius Playdough Holder Is a Creative Hack To Store Playdough

playdough holder

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Do you have mini jars of playdough lying everywhere? This creative playdough holder hack stores them all neatly in one spinning container!

If you’re a mom of little ones you’ll likely have playdough everywhere around the house. Playdough is a wonderful sensory activity for kids and creates endless possibilities for creating clay models.

We have mini jars of playdough in various places and get them frequently as favors from birthday parties. I saw this genius hack to store all those little playdough jars online and went searching for the perfect spinning container! 

playdough holder

playdough holder

playdough spinning holder

playdough spinner

How do you make a playdough holder?

It’s incredibly simple and technically not a DIY because the spinner we bought was already assembled! Simply place your playdough tubs inside and voila! You’re done! 

We keep pour playdough spinner on the dining room table for easy access with a mat around for sensory play whenever my little one wants to engage

What brand of playdough works for this playdough hack?

We used PlayDoh brand because the mini jars look like small condiments already. So the spinner we recommend is used for that brand only. 

playdough holder

playdough spinner

storing playdough

playdough holder hack

What type of playdough spinner works to hold playdough?

That’s a great question! At first glance you’d think condiment or spice holders would work but those are too small. Did you know there are at least 6 different types of PlayDoh brand bottles? They come in various ounce sizes. 

We scoured the internet on sites like Amazon and Target to find the perfect holder and realized coffee pod holders are the perfect size to hold exactly the 2 oz portion of PlayDoh brand dough! 

The coffee pod holder we got holds 24 mini tubs but you can also get it up to a 40 pod size. These would be great to lay out at a birthday party!



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