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This Clever Paint Brush Cleaner Is A Game Changer For Mess Free Painting

paint brush cleaner

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If you have little ones who love to paint with watercolors like I do, you’ll often find spilled cups of muddied water and lots of clean-ups in between the beautiful, messy art-making. I found this neat gadget online that had me click “add to cart” without a moment’s hesitation because it solves the pain point of painting with kids! This genius paint brush cleaner solves the messy spills from water cups but it does so much more than that which makes it worth its purchase. 

Paint Brush Cleaner

How Does The Paint Brush Cleaner Work? 

At first, this looks like some kind of wizardry, you see dirty water magically disappear but into what and how does the fresh water replenish? It’s actually quite simple. There is a dirty water reservoir that can be drained off the side. Just hit the button to allow the water or paint cleaner to drain into the bottom tank. This will automatically refresh the channel and rinsing area with clean water, so you can continue your artwork without interruption. To clean a brush, all you have to do is swipe it sideways across the grooves in the rinsing area.

Get the Paint Brush Cleaner 

Paint Brush Cleaner

Paint Brush Cleaner

What are the features of the Paint Brush Cleaner? 

This inventive Paint Brush Cleaner is designed to address the issue of water leakage, featuring a more controlled water discharge and a large, leak-proof reservoir.

The installation process is a breeze; you can easily set up the water tank and seal in just about 10 seconds, no screwing required.

One of the standout features is its circulation cleaning system, which allows for the constant use of fresh water for a more effective brush cleanse.

All it takes is a push of a button to discharge dirty water and automatically replace it with clean water.

After you’re done painting, cleaning the unit is hassle-free—simply release the dirty water collected in the tank.

I love how this versatile brush cleaner is a go-to for a wide audience, from students to professional painters, and is suitable for a variety of settings including classrooms, art studios, and even outdoor painting sessions.

The only thing I would improve is the loose drainage knob which can lead to some small leaks but nothing major that offsets the positives of this handy art tool. 

Get the Paint Brush Cleaner 

Paint Brush Cleaner

What kind of paint does it work with?

It works well with multiple paint types like watercolors and acrylics, making it an ideal choice for anyone passionate about painting.

What others are saying?

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I get pretty tired of finding muddy looking water in my drinking cups every time my daughter paints, and she says it interrupts her flow when she has to constantly get fresh water to clean her brushes between colors. This solves both of those issues. It was simple enough to assemble and mostly works well. We did find the water will start to flow and then you have to give the reservoir a little jiggle for it to get moving. Not a deal breaker by any means and still works perfectly well after that. While this isn’t an absolutely necessary tool, it’s a neat one.


I enjoyed using this so much that I ordered another one to share. It’s nice to have a ready supply of clean water, and the little nubs help to scrub brushes clean. I would add a caution though–it seems to leak from somewhere, maybe the drain. So keep this on top of a waterproof surface! And empty and clean it right away after use! It is easy to take apart and clean.

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This is a huge improvement compared to how I have been cleaning Brushes. I do quite a bit of finishing using different Paint, stains, and oils. I typically use a emptied sour Cream container or something like that filled with dish soap and Water. It works but after cleaning 2 bushes I have to dump the container and get some fresh. This allows me to do several projects cleaning brushes in between and not having to be concerned about spilling or dumping a couple times a week. This is nice as you can place your cleaned brush in the holder until it dries. After using a few times I find that the device will fill the reservoir but the only way to stop it from overflowing is to take the water container off. so I had to remove a star. I will probably still use it but mostly just to wash the Brush I am using and then drain the device and take the cup off to use later.

Paint Brush Cleaner

Get the Paint Brush Cleaner 

Where can I buy the Paint Brush Cleaner?

You can find it on Amazon where we bought ours where it currently retails $16.99. 


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