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I love toys that do more than one thing or can be played with in many different ways. Not only do they give children more opportunities for imaginative play, they save you money and help reduce the toy clutter in your home. So imagine how excited I was when I found Land of Nod’s What’s That Stand for Stand. It has been dubbed “The Best Stand We’ve Ever Laid Our Eyes On” (TBSWELOEO for short) and for good reason.

This reversible stand comes with 6 interchangeable toppers, a set of curtains, and two banners allowing it to easily transform from a theater, to a market, to a post office, to a lemonade stand. It even has a reversible chalkboard/whiteboard sign so children can write their own titles and transform the stand into anything they can imagine. The front of the stand has a chalkboard, perfect for listing prices, menus, or a marquee. The shelves on the back of the stand are great for displaying play fruits and vegetables when playing market or for storing puppets or other toys when the stand is not being played with. Its whimsical design and amazing play value make it a wonderful addition to any playroom.

The What’s That Stand For Stand ($179) is available online at Land of Nod.