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Mixed Up Clothing is an apparel line for kids that was founded on the premise of the celebration of diversity. Founded by mom Sonia Kang who herself comes from a multi-cultural background, the line showcases this mission through the inspiration of different cultures of the world. This is seen in the vibrant and lively designs, textiles, and patterns used throughout the line. Through this celebration of the cultures and ethnicities, Mixed Up Clothing seeks to build understanding and friendship with a global perspective.

A look at their spring and summer collection for 2014 reveals a world of colorful fabrics in unique cuts which is a nice change from the often seen cutesy look of children’s clothes. For example, the mock wrap dress for girls is available in two color varieties, featuring either a brilliant orange/blue or pink/orange pattern, both with a floral motif.

Another example are the ruched leggings in a yellow and black tribal print or an orange, green, and black floral print, both with bold all-over print. Their collection is full of examples like these, and is well worth taking a look.

Mixed Up Clothing is available for purchase via its online shop. All clothing is proudly made in Los Angeles.