I am a huge fan of Super Healthy Kids which is chock-full of healthy and easy kids’ foods and recipeS. Their focus is just what what their name suggests – promoting healthy eating habits in kids. They not only provide step-by-step healthy recipes that are cute AND doable, but also helpful family meal plans and resources.

One easy way you can get your kids eating healthy (and excited about it) are the Kids MyPlate from Super Healthy Kids.

These sectioned plates easily outline sections for healthy portions from the main food groups: grain, fruit, protein, and vegetables.

You can get a bundle family pack or one set per child that also includes a dinner plate, water cup and dairy plate.

Super Healthy Kids also offers lesson plans to get your kids actively involved in learning about the food groups which supports the USDA’s recommendation for filling your plate with half fruits and vegetables and the rest with 1/4 lean protein and grains.

Find out more over on Super Healthy Kids’ website filled with helpful ideas for nutritious eating and tips for the whole family.

(All images via Super Healthy Kids)

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