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Leave it to Google to power something technologically innovating and inspiring for children. Made With Code is a free online resource by Google with the aim of motivating and teaching girls that coding is accessible, fun, and empowering. This is accomplished by providing a set of free resources to demystify programming.

On the site, you’ll find a set of cool projects to get girls started. A sample of the available projects include coding a bracelet that can be 3D printed and worn, making music by using code to create a sequence of beats, or creating a 2D avatar with code. There’s a section on mentors, which spotlights women programmers in various disciplines who are doing amazing things. There’s also a highlight on girls who are coding, as a sample of peers who are achieving goals through coding.

Finally, a community and events section allows participants to interact in the virtual and physical worlds, as a network of fellow female coders who can inspire and motivate each other.

Doesn’t that bracelet look cool? I can’t wait to try this out with my daughter and get her excited about designing her own jewelry while learning code in a fun and interactive way in the process.

Find out more about Google’s Made With Code project here.