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Kids are so creative, you often just have to lay out some crafty items with an open-ended invitation to create to have them come up with some truly imaginative ideas.

Here’s a fun tinker project that led to some quirky toy creatures my daughter made. It’s a fantastic way for kids to build, construct and come up with something cool and one-of-a-kind, as well as a great way to use up any leftover craft items you may have lying around.

Tinker Toy Creatures – Materials:

Balsa Wood Block (we cut this piece into 4 blocks)

– Drill (optional)

– Leftover felt/fabric

– Glue

– Craft items (we used the following items from Creatify but you can use any craft items or recycled materials on hand)

  • Pom Poms, googly eyes, sticks, decorative tape, buttons, stickers, pipe cleaners.


Step 1. Cut your wood block into squares (we used a 12″ long one cut into 4 cubes). Drill small holes where you want kids to arms and legs. Note balsa wood is super soft, so if you are adding stick legs, we found we could also just push the sticks in without drilling, although it was a bit harder.

Step 2. Lay out all your craft materials and just let the kids tinker and build away. Give them help if they need gluing but other than that, let them have the free process to create. You’ll be surprised at what cool creatures and toys they come up with!

How cute are these pipe cleaner and stick-legged creatures?

I love how each one is unique with a distinct personality.

How do you encourage your child to tinker? Let us know in the comments!

Thank you Creatifty for sending us some crafty materials to share with the kids to make these cute tinker toys!